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Dear Diary

Finding Personal Style On The Internet

20th January 2019

The internet is the best and worst thing that’s happened to me in terms of my style. It’s opened so many avenues and made shopping, perusing style choices and having those options turn up at my door as easy as a few clicks. However, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice. With different styles and trends being shoved in our inboxes and on our feeds with…

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How To Budget And Save Whatever Your Income

19th January 2019

‘Saving in the 21st century is near enough impossible’, ‘wages haven’t gone up to meet the rise in cost of living’, ‘you’ll never save enough for a deposit’. All things I’ve heard from just about everyone that I’ve ever told I’m saving for a house deposit. And whilst I completely agree to all of these points, I also completely disagree. Yes it is hard to…

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5 Things I’m Doing To Be Happier Everyday

18th January 2019

January has me feeling like one of those hideous fish that lives in the depths of the ocean. Living in total darkness and fumbling around on the constant quest for food. With this combined with the fact that Blue Monday is literally around the corner, I’ve decided that I need to take things into my own hands. I know what I’m like, the darkness paired…

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How To Excel In Everything You Do

17th January 2019

Progression. It’s something we all get our knickers in a twist about. Either it’s not happening fast enough, or it’s not in the area we want or it’s just simply not happening altogether. Whether it’s in your career, your personal life, your side hustle whatev. There are 4 surefire ways to progress in whatever it is you want: Be engaged and enthusiastic If you want…

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Fashion Comparison & Always Being Body Positive

16th January 2019

So. A little dose of realness. I drafted a whole post about how I was in a dark place when I gained weight at university. I was in big friendship group of gorgeous girls, with the majority of them being very petite. They would all share clothes and look so beautiful, and all the clothes would all fit perfectly on one another. But the thought…

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