So a few weeks ago … we all know the drill, I’ve harped on about going to the Cosmo Self Made Summit enough times. But just one more time, it was awesome. Officially done now… View Post

I did a post about my basic flatlay props about 3 months ago, however I would like/hope to think I’ve improved in that time. If not, I’ll just show myself out and try not to… View Post

It only really dawned on me a few weeks ago, that in 2018 I’m going to be turning 25 years old. Not particularly old I’m very aware, however it’s the first time I feel ‘grown… View Post

As I approach the 9 month mark since I started blogging, I still class myself as a complete novice. There is so much I still don’t know, and in all honesty, I think I’m still… View Post

We’ve all been there. Sometimes the creative juices are running a bit low, and there’s really not anything major you’d like to write about. I personally get so frustrated when this happens, and then I… View Post