About Me

about bella inizio

Welcome to my life

Hello, bonjour, namaste my name is Jade and welcome to BellaInizio.co.uk

I’m a twenty-four year old Essex girl without the classique accent, who can usually be found touching up the cushions in the home section of any department store with an arm full of eyeshadow swatches.

I created BellaInizio.co.uk – meaning ‘beautiful beginning in Italian in case you were wondering (cute, right?) as my new beginning in March 2017. A platform to pour out whatever creativity bubbles below the surface while I’m at my 9-5.

BellaInizio.co.uk is a place for just about everything a twenty-something British gal adores. From my latest beauty obsessions and favourite New Look buys to my inner most thoughts and body image.

My blog is a place to retire yourself for a little while, a place of complete honesty and a place where you can have a friend. And I really hope you love it as much as I do.

If you have any questions or would just like to say hey, drop me a cheeky email at bellainizio@outlook.com

Ciao for now my angels xxx