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Hello, Bonjour & Namaste

My name is Jade and welcome to BellaInizio.co.uk

I’m a twenty-five year old and deceptively short beauty & lifestyle blogger. My favourite pastimes include; buying makeup I cannot afford/I don’t need, pretending I have my life together, and stopping mid-sentence to tell you there’s a cute dog over there.

I created BellaInizio.co.uk in March 2017 as a platform to realise whatever fleeting creativity bubbles below the surface, whilst I work my 9-5.

This is a place for just about everything a twenty-something British gal adores. From my latest beauty obsessions and favourite New Look buys to my inner most thoughts and body image.

My blog is a place to retire yourself for a little while, a place of complete honesty and a place where you can have a friend. And I really hope you love it as much as I do.

If you have would like to contact me, ask any questions or would just like to say hey, drop me a cheeky email at bellainizio@outlook.com