I had such good intensions last night. I packed my gym back, laid out my clothes and had everything waiting by the door so I could just get up at my 6am alarm and totter… View Post

Until the age of about 19, it didn’t actually occur to me that I was allowed to buy high-end makeup as ridic as it sounds. The makeup from those beautiful counters in John Lewis I… View Post

So at the very beginning of the year, high on the amount of pigs in blankets and Celebrations (the Malteaser ones, obvs) I’d consumed within 4 days, I jotted down some goals I wanted to… View Post

Is there anything worse than looking in the mirror and your oily skin has essentially eaten all your foundation? And then you’re faced with the dilemma of, do I just leave it and hope that… View Post

So a few months ago, every influencer who was any influencer was invited on a PR trip to an assortment of v exotic destinations with Benefit to reveal their latest release. And my f’ing god… View Post