Birchbox is the original beauty subscription box. It was the first one I’d ever heard about, the first I’d heard to have wonderful and well-known brands involved. And in all honesty, the prospect of having… View Post

Oh sweet mother of God I want to go on holiday. It’s under 100 days now until my plane to Cape Verde will be taking off and that’s all sunshine and rainbows. What isn’t sunshine… View Post

The British summer is such a bloody tease. She’ll give us glorious sunshine for a few days and then, lol sure, rain and thunder for the next few. However one thing has remained constant, the… View Post

Is there anything worse than looking in the mirror and your oily skin has essentially eaten all your foundation? And then you’re faced with the dilemma of, do I just leave it and hope that… View Post

Now. I could be wrong. However, this may or may not be my last Birchbox delivery. My sissy bear got me a years subscription for my birthday last June, so there’s every chance this could… View Post