How To Excel In Everything You Do

17th January 2019

Progression. It’s something we all get our knickers in a twist about. Either it’s not happening fast enough, or it’s not in the area we want or it’s just simply not happening altogether. Whether it’s in your career, your personal life, your side hustle whatev. There are 4 surefire ways to progress in whatever it is you want:

Be engaged and enthusiastic

If you want to excel you need to be engaged in what you’re doing. Bit of a given huh? But one that seems to be completely forgotten about when people moan they’re not progressing fast enough. You have to put the effort in. I’m not saying that you cut out sleep on a Wednesday and Saturday and have a to-do list the length of the garden. (although being organised is never a bad thing). But having passion in what you’re doing and being consistent is the key to anything and everything.

Story time: there’s someone in my office who within the first week in their role, would sit thumbing through Tinder whilst someone was trying to train them 1-on-1. Who are these people? The audacity, I can’t. Deceased.

Always put your hand up

This is something I’m personally striving to get better at. Getting out of my comfort zone and take every opportunity I’m faced with. Whether it’s training, a new skill, anything. Putting yourself out there, and adding another string to your bow will only ever benefit you. If nothing else you will gain experience, you’ll learn a little something about yourself and your abilities. You may even surprise yourself.

Go for that promotion, put your name down for training on a subject you’re uncomfortable with, accept that email that pushes you. It’ll help you grow and give you the confidence to take the next step.

Start schmoozing

The oldest cliche there is, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and it’s true. Think about it, if you’re recruiting for a role/campaign/promotion (whatev) you’re more than likely going to look favourably at someone you have an existing relationship with. You already know what they’re like, how they operated, the quality of their work and to be honest, it’s just so much bloody easier.

Try and get your name out there in a positive way, and remember that ‘they’re just people’. Regardless of anyone’s title or status, they’re still a person. They eat and shower and pick their nose, just like you.

Showcase your passions

Any chance you get, whatever your passion maybe, showcase it. I work in insurance, my passion (surprisingly) isn’t insurance, however I love being creative and writing. And so I write the online posts for our building, I helped organise our biggest event of the year, and now I’m known for that. I showed my skills and I’m the go-to. Show them what you can do, trust me if your passion shines through, no one will forget you.

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  1. Interesting post topic! I also truly believe in “putting yourself in awkward situations” will make you get out of your comfort zone and thrive! xoxo Sarah

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