Hi, hello and welcome to the second instalment of Dear Diary (A.K.A what’s happened this week in Jade’s little world). I had something totally different all planned out for my Tuesday/Wednesday/when the hell ever post,… View Post

In the past few days/weeks/months, I feel like my creativity has taken a bit of a nose dive. I constantly have ideas for brilliant blog posts pop into my head, that ‘oh ma gad’ no… View Post

I love being tanned. There is nothing I feel makes me look my best than having tanned skin. It makes your eyes brighter, teeth whiter, smooths about any lumps and bumps and makes you look… View Post

*insert a paragraph of me whittling on about how great Ben and I’s holiday to Cape Verde was, blah blah blah* A huge contributing factor to why I wanted to go back to Cape Verde… View Post

As I write this I’m on the plane ride back from Ben and I’s summer holiday to Cape Verde. I’m sweating in my jeans and tee as it’s 33 degrees and I was worried about… View Post