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Dear Diary

What I’m Wearing & Shopping For AW19

20th September 2019

I don’t like tip toeing around. It honestly fills me with a fiery rage. So for autumn to be teasing us in this manner is doing my head in. One day it’s cold and the knits can just about come out and the next, LOL JK get back in the loft and fetch those shorts it’s 26 degrees again. Let me have one wardrobe Britain,…

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What Is It You Do? Blogging Myths Debunked

6th September 2019

So what is it you do? Why has a brand asked you to work together? What is it you have to do? Do you get that for free? You’re so lucky getting all that for nothing. And so many other blogging myths. All questions and phrases that have been chucked at me since I got into the little bubble that is blogging/content creation. And something…

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What I’ve Done This Summer

3rd September 2019

I’m sorry, but how on God’s green Earth are we in September already? How has the time come to dust off the boots and waterproofs and relegate the summer dresses and sandals to life in a bin bag in the loft for the next 7 months. Anywaaay, summer 2019 has been a bit of a wild ride. So much has happened. Some of the best experiences…

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How I Doubled My Instagram Following In 3 Months

31st August 2019

Instagram. The app we love to hate. We all whine and bitch about it, but at the end of the day is it or is it not in the top 5 apps you check as soon as your eyes open? BTW hi, hello, yes I’m still here. I would say ‘I’m back and you’ll be seeing my lil potato face xyz times a week’, but…

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How To Navigate A First Time Mortgage

27th August 2019

Ben and I bought a house. It still feels so strange to say/type, even stranger the fact that we have now lived in our little pad since May. We saved and saved and watched a lot of Netflix for 3 years in order to get our deposit, so because it was such a long time to save; in my mind, once we were done saving…

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