Is there anything worse than looking in the mirror and your oily skin has essentially eaten all your foundation? And then you’re faced with the dilemma of, do I just leave it and hope that… View Post

Now. I could be wrong. However, this may or may not be my last Birchbox delivery. My sissy bear got me a years subscription for my birthday last June, so there’s every chance this could… View Post

So a few weeks ago … we all know the drill, I’ve harped on about going to the Cosmo Self Made Summit enough times. But just one more time, it was awesome. Officially done now… View Post

Even writing the word algorithm sends a pang of rage through my soul. Social media has completely dominated my life of late. I got it into my lil brain that if I didn’t have the… View Post

Y’know when it was your birthday when you were a kid, and your relative would come in and wish you a happy birthday and start talking to you about your day. But all your selfish… View Post