So as I went over in my ‘keeping up with the Jones’’ post, I may or may not have become particularly spend happy when it comes to new clothes of late. And when I say… View Post

The last few weeks two things have happened. I’ve taken more interest in fashion and my wardrobe and investing in pieces that I love. And I’ve been absolutely, heartbreakingly, and slightly concerningly skint. With the… View Post

I have been incredibly slack recently. I’ve been getting in from work, sitting on my bed and scrolling through IG and Twitter for what feels like 15 minutes. I look at my watch and okay,… View Post

Monday to me is equal to; your standing orders for your bills, your period, drinking plain water and putting on a bra in the summer – something that is mega shit, but you still have… View Post

It’s no secret that over the past few days/weeks/month I’ve struggled to post to my blog the way that I once did. I used to post on my 3 set days every single week without… View Post