Minus the very real possibility of shark attack, there really is only one thing that terrifies me when I think of the future. And that’s a wasted life. A life where you look back and… View Post

So at the very beginning of the year, high on the amount of pigs in blankets and Celebrations (the Malteaser ones, obvs) I’d consumed within 4 days, I jotted down some goals I wanted to… View Post

Never have I felt like more of an adult than when my letter from the doctors arrived informing me I was ‘of age’. I hadn’t even had my birthday but the time had finally arrived… View Post

It is my birthday eve. In a mere few hours I will be leaving my early twenties and turning a quarter of a century. And sweet lord I’ve been able to legally drink for 7… View Post

Birchbox is the original beauty subscription box. It was the first one I’d ever heard about, the first I’d heard to have wonderful and well-known brands involved. And in all honesty, the prospect of having… View Post