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Dear Diary

The Problem With Fast Fashion

20th October 2018

Fast fashion is something that I’ve really started to clock onto and is really starting that’s getting on my tits. I wrote a post a little while ago about ‘keeping up with the jones’’ in the influencer world. About how products, clothes and so much else is readily given to people of a certain following by brands in order for them to ‘flog it’ if…

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Dear Diary: Cat Calling

17th October 2018

Hi, hello and welcome to the second instalment of Dear Diary (A.K.A what’s happened this week in Jade’s little world). I had something totally different all planned out for my Tuesday/Wednesday/when the hell ever post, but 2 men changed my mind about that this morning, and it’s something too important not to talk about. I think every girl remembers the first time they were cat…

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Dear Diary: Becoming An ‘Influencer’ & My First Photoshoot

10th October 2018

In the past few days/weeks/months, I feel like my creativity has taken a bit of a nose dive. I constantly have ideas for brilliant blog posts pop into my head, that ‘oh ma gad’ no one has thought of writing. But when it comes to fabricating the post, I doubt myself. I’ve fallen well and truly into the trap of comparison. Coming up with endless…

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Blogging Podcasts I’m Loving And You Should Too

3rd October 2018

I love being tanned. There is nothing I feel makes me look my best than having tanned skin. It makes your eyes brighter, teeth whiter, smooths about any lumps and bumps and makes you look x 7,292 healthier than you actually are. Whilst I love being tanned, the process of becoming tanned gets a bit bloody tedious. There’s only ever so many songs you can add to a playlist that you…

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Is ‘Doing It For The Gram’ Spoiling Our Experiences?

28th September 2018

*insert a paragraph of me whittling on about how great Ben and I’s holiday to Cape Verde was, blah blah blah* A huge contributing factor to why I wanted to go back to Cape Verde in all honesty was because we missed the loggerhead turtle experience last year by ONE day. People were setting off on the excursion the same evening that we were leaving…

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