Even writing the word algorithm sends a pang of rage through my soul. Social media has completely dominated my life of late. I got it into my lil brain that if I didn’t have the… View Post

Y’know when it was your birthday when you were a kid, and your relative would come in and wish you a happy birthday and start talking to you about your day. But all your selfish… View Post

So last month I set myself some April goals that I wanted to achieve, and I’m semi pleased to report back that I actually kind of, sort of, accomplished some of them. I started going… View Post

I’ve grown up with the phrase ‘you can never have too many friends’ ringing in my ears. And this co-insides beautifully with my ‘people pleaser’ personality, I have an almost pathological need to be liked.… View Post

*this post is sponsored by Very, however all thoughts and photographs are my own* I know what you’re thinking. How in the bloody bloody hell did you manage to get invited to a Cosmopolitan event… View Post