So a little while ago I entered real womanhood. When I was young and thought where I’d be when I was 25, I didn’t really anticipate having to show a nurse my hoo-haa before 9am.… View Post

The airport is like marmite. Either you love it or you hate it. To some, it’s the start of your holiday and part of the whole experience. And to others it’s pretty similar to being… View Post

I’ve been struggling lately. Like really struggling when it comes to my mental health. I’ve covered this a little bit in my anxiety post, however as I’m navigating through the bloody minefield that is mental… View Post

The last few weeks two things have happened. I’ve taken more interest in fashion and my wardrobe and investing in pieces that I love. And I’ve been absolutely, heartbreakingly, and slightly concerningly skint. With the… View Post

I have been incredibly slack recently. I’ve been getting in from work, sitting on my bed and scrolling through IG and Twitter for what feels like 15 minutes. I look at my watch and okay,… View Post