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Dear Diary

2019: The Year Of No Resolutions

11th January 2019

Well hello strangers. I can only apologise for my impromptu and unexplained absence, and I wish I had a far more whimsical story to share than I was simply in a chocolate orange and porn star martini induced state for the majority of December. Tis the season and all that. However we are now firmly into January, and it has already felt like it’s gone…

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The Gifts She Really Wants This Christmas

10th December 2018

Christmas presents. It’s genuinely a phrase that strikes fear into mine and the hearts of so many others. Especially if you’ve stuck your fingers in your ears and screamed ‘LA LA LA LA’ at the top of your voice, in total denial that you’re going to have to search for presents. Well fear not, whether it’s your partner, your mum, your sister, who the hell…

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Why I’ve Deleted Twitter On My Phone, And You Should Too

7th December 2018

Ah Twitter. Where there was once so much light, now there is a baron wasteland of seasonal pun display names and Drake GIFs. I opened my Twitter account for my blog in July 2017 and I couldn’t believe the difference between it and Instagram. It seemed like totally different ends of the spectrum. With Instagram being that bitchy girl you work with who wears her…

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Accepting It’s Okay To Give Yourself A Break

1st December 2018

As Bridget Jones so rightly stated, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces’. And truer words have never been spoken. For a long time, my blog and everything internet has been in the forefront of my mind. I would plan my content, send out emails and go on engagements sprees not-so-sneakily from my…

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Is Black Friday Encouraging Us Into Debt?

23rd November 2018

Black Friday has gone from one day every year in America where people get trampled trying to get flat screen TVs for 70% off, to a worldwide 2 week long discount fest. And whilst it is brilliant, and there are so many amazing bargains to be had. Is it really that great? For the past week I feel a little bit attacked. My emails have…

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