5 Things I’m Doing To Be Happier Everyday

18th January 2019

January has me feeling like one of those hideous fish that lives in the depths of the ocean. Living in total darkness and fumbling around on the constant quest for food. With this combined with the fact that Blue Monday is literally around the corner, I’ve decided that I need to take things into my own hands.

I know what I’m like, the darkness paired with constantly snacking and being horizontal 78% of my time is going to play havoc on my happiness and then my mental health. So here are a few little things that I’m currently doing everyday, and I’m working towards everyday to make me happier.

Being creative

After I would say, about a year of feeling uninspired by own writing minus the odd post, I’ve challenged myself to post to the blog everyday for a week. And it’s got me out of the rut, my creative juices are flowing and I’m so excited. My ideas well is starting to trickle back to life, and so I’ve started writing everyday. Whether it’s a few sentences or 3 entire posts, drafted, edited, and scheduled.

Adding a song to my Spotify playlist

I’ve started a ‘2019’ playlist on my Spotify account, and I’ve been browsing through the masses and everyday I’m discovering a song that I really love. Into the playlist it goes and I listen to it to and from work, and whilst I write.

FYI this is by no means a ‘cool/indie/bougie’ playlist. Today’s wonderful find was ‘Once Upon A December’ – Anastasia on Broadway, and honestly? I’m screaming the words. All my playlists seem to heavily feature musicals much to Ben’s horror.

Skincare every morning and evening

Every morning I cleanse my skin and put on moisteriser and eye cream. And every evening I properly remove my makeup, deep cleanse, use a toner and moisterise and eye cream once again. My skin feels better, my makeup is sitting better and staying put throughout the day, and it’s nice to have that time to have a little daily pamper.

Stop scrolling before bed

So half an hour before it’s lights out I forbid myself from mindless scrolling. I can read or plan my own posts etc, but no falling into the black hole that is the IG video reel. It just flicks automatically to the next few second video, and before you know it LOL okay I have to be up in 4 hours.

Having healthier foods in the week

Whilst this is a little from a vanity point of view, it’s also a way of taking better care of my overall health and keeping track of what I’m eating. I’ll be a work and be constantly picking, not paying attention and come home and have no idea how much I’ve eaten already. Which is great and I do feel better for it, it’s also because I don’t feel nearly as bad at the weekend if I want a massive pizza with a side of more pizza.


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  1. Love this bubbly picture of you! Great post! These are definitely things that bring happiness! I think 4 out of 5 also applies for me xoxo Sarah

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