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Dear Diary

Can Your Photos Be ‘Too Edited’?

26th January 2019

I know, I know, we all bloody love an edit. There is nothing more satisfying than defying mother nature and transforming a photo on a dark day to something that could be taken in mid June. And whilst I am an advocate for making your photos beautiful and having complete creative freedom, is it a lil too much? For so long now I’ve seen so…

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Shooting Street Style: The Good, The Bad, The Public

24th January 2019

I’ve gone out properly on the streets a handful of times now in the name of the ‘gram. As much as I bloody well adore the content that’s created, there are some things I didn’t really factor in when it came to ‘getting the shot’. You see all of these gorgeous feeds, with gorgeous clothes and it all looks so effortless and off the cuff.…

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Juggling Full Time Work & Blogging: A Week’s Diary

22nd January 2019

So for the first time in the history of ever – I managed to post a blog post every single day for a week. Which in itself is a miracle as for the past 6 months or so I’ve barely uploaded altogether. And whilst I absolutely loved it and loved putting out new content everyday, and letting my creativity flow throughout the week. It was…

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Finding Personal Style On The Internet

20th January 2019

The internet is the best and worst thing that’s happened to me in terms of my style. It’s opened so many avenues and made shopping, perusing style choices and having those options turn up at my door as easy as a few clicks. However, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice. With different styles and trends being shoved in our inboxes and on our feeds with…

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How To Budget And Save Whatever Your Income

19th January 2019

‘Saving in the 21st century is near enough impossible’, ‘wages haven’t gone up to meet the rise in cost of living’, ‘you’ll never save enough for a deposit’. All things I’ve heard from just about everyone that I’ve ever told I’m saving for a house deposit. And whilst I completely agree to all of these points, I also completely disagree. Yes it is hard to…

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