Birchbox January 2018 | Collaboration With Ohh Deer

12th January 2018

Birchbox and Ohh Deer; the glorious stationary company, have joined forces for Birchbox January 2018 and it’s every bloggers cliché dream. The box is utterly gorgeous, although I made the mistake of putting my grubby makeup cotton wool on it, so now there’s a v cute stain. So that’s fun.

The theme of this month’s box is ‘Stand Tall’ (something I struggle with at 5ft4). Being your true self and embracing what makes you happy. So not only do the products inside promote this theme, there’s stickers. I REPEAT THERE ARE STICKERS. They’re mega cute and perfect for getting organised, as everyone seems to have a bullet journal now. I hadn’t even heard of one until New Years Day. Clearly not down with the kids anymore. And on that note, let’s get into the goodies.

Thermaliv, Night Cream

I’m actually getting to an age now where I have to consider a ‘long term skincare routine’. I’m going to have to start taking more steps than just a bit of micellar water and whispering a prayer to the skin Gods. And this guy is going to be my first step towards skin that isn’t like a wet carrier bag when I get past my mid 20s.

This cream is meant to rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep, promoting regeneration so you wake up with plumper and firmer skin. Whilst that is utterly stellar, the smell. OMG THE SMELL. It alone is enough to make me take better daily care of my skin.

In all honesty, I quite fancy having a bath in this, washing my hair in it and washing my clothes in it. As I write these words, I’m currently sat with a blob under my nose so I can sniff to my hearts content.

This is hand on heart, one of the few times that I would say I’ll have to repurchase once it’s all used up.

Thermaliv, Night Cream

Lord & Berry, Blusher Crayon in Camelia

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a massive blusher gal. It just always seems to make me look like I’m moments away from bursting into a sweat fountain.

However, I may actually have a little change of heart after seeing just how amazingly blendable this crayon is. It smoothes out into essentially a sheen for a really natural and pretty flushed look. Making it perfect to create whatever look or intensity level you were after.

Lord & Berry, Blusher Crayon in Camelia

Afterspa, Amazing Makeup Remover

It’s a cloth that takes off your makeup. You just add water to said cloth and it wipes away your makeup. The future is bloody well here and I am LIVING for it.

My initial thought is that this will be perfect to live in my drawer at my boyfriend’s house incase of emergency. I do however seem to have more lotions and potions at his then at my own house. However, proper preparation prevents poor performance (the 5 P’s and one of the only real life lessons I learnt at secondary school).

This lil guy is currently spinning around the washing machine so I am bloomin’ ecstatic to give it a whirl.

Afterspa, Amazing Makeup Remover

Marcelle, Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal

This eyeliner is so creamy it could bring me to tears. It doesn’t budge an inch in my waterline and lashline, and because it is so creamy it makes creating smokey eyes a dream.

It really does remind me of the YSL Dessin De Regard eye pencil, which has been my holy grail, forever. However at half the price the Marcelle alternative is looking pretty appealing on a budget.

Marcelle, Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal

Beaver, Professional Daily Conditioning Spray

Hello, my name is Jade and I use way too much conditioner. I seem to use double the amount of conditioner compared to shampoo, when in fact it’s meant to be the other way around so I’m told. #soznotsoz.

Recently I got my photo taken and my hair was slicked to my head, there was no volume at all because it was completely weighed down. So I’ve decided to use conditioner every other wash, and use a conditioning spray in between. And Birchbox heard my prayers.

It does everything a good conditioner should do, detangle, protect against breakage and nurture the strands. Just without all the weight it leaves behind.

It also smells like the hairdressers, which is one of the best things ever. Like when you’re having your hair washed in those basins and they ask you if you’d like a head massage. The answer is always yes you wonderful woman, but please stop talking to me so I can savor this tranquility.

Beaver, Professional Daily Conditioning Spray

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  1. Such a lovely box layout! Great selection of products too. I’m getting mine next week and can’t wait for it to arrive! (I do have the French Birchbox so mine won’t be the same)

    -Jennifer x

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