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7th January 2018

2017 bought about a lot of change within the blogging community. In the few months I’ve been involved I’ve noticed a drastic shift in the mentality. Where it was a place of community and support, quite frankly it’s pretty cut throat with a splash of selfishness.

The ‘if you’re not going to support me, I’m not going to support you’ mindset is pretty crappy, and pretty ugly. And it needs to stop.

I saw a tweet over on my Twitter saying, ‘that it literally takes one second to like someone’s post, to retweet their work. And a minute rolex oyster perpetual date 115234 unisex automatic 34 mm steel white gold maximum to send them words of encouragment. And it got my ‘fuck ye’ juices flowing.

So I’m going to shout loud and proud about some of the amazing bloggers that inspire me, and are doing a top-notch job.

Hannah Gale

hannah gale

Hannah f’ing Gale. I think it’s safe to say that she’s my favourite blogger, and one of my biggest influences. Her content is so engaging and relatable, as well as being bloody hilarious. You just can’t help but want to share a bottle of wine with her and have a natter – which she can now as she’s had her angel faced bubba, Atticus. Can we discuss how fricken cool the name Atticus is for a sec? He’s automatically going to be in the ‘it group’ in school for that alone.

Jemma – Dorkface


I started reading Jemma’s blog a few weeks back and I’m utterly obsessed with how open and honest she is. She’s a ball of energy and positivity and I’m all about it, not to mention her accent warms my little Southern heart. Jemma also has an Etsy shop for her glorious pieces of art, which I highly recommend you checking out – IT MAKES ME HAPPY JUST LOOKING AT IT.

Ella Garrett

ella may garrett

What would a fav blogger roundup be without my lil babe, Ella? She’s such a sweetie and her lifestyle blog is always so on point. Not to mention how cracking her photography is, honestly don’t know how she manages it all on top of studying at uni. Keep going my queen.

Beth Sandland

And finally, like so many others I discovered Beth when she got a shout out from Lydia Elise Millen – I know right, jel. And I’ve been utterly obsessed ever since; her content on her blog and Instagram is always so witty with potentially the most magnificent photography I’ve ever seen. She’s the definition of #goals and if she’s ever recruiting to take someone under her wing, I volunteer as tribute.

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?

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4 responses to “My 4 Favourite Bloggers Roundup | Spread The Word”

  1. Tabi Bear says:

    Oh I love Jemma’s blog so so much- so arty and colourful, I think everyone should read it if I’m honest!! <3 And all such amazing bloggers! Love this list! x

  2. RealNess says:

    Love the post! Keeping that positivity!

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