Summer Beauty Essentials To Look & Feel Fresh

8th June 2018

The British summer is such a bloody tease. She’ll give us glorious sunshine for a few days and then, lol sure, rain and thunder for the next few.

However one thing has remained constant, the temperature being above 18 degrees. Which means DUN DUN DUN it’s still warm enough (ish) to get yourself ready for the summer.

So I’m going to share with you my current summer beauty essentials that are helping me look and feel fresh.

Skinny Tan, Body Glow in Light

Ahh the gradual self-tanner. Where would we ever be without you? The first trace of sunshine and every pasty Brit sprints to Boots to clear the shelves in the hopes of having that sun-kissed look by the next morn.

But in all seriousness, I have been having the most wonderful experience with this lil gem. It builds up so quickly, it’s gentle enough to use everyday without getting streaky and leaving you feeling sticky and horrible.

And best of all? It doesn’t leave a trace on your white bed sheets – IG junkies rejoice.

Lynx, Unity Deodorant & Bodyspray

Now this is a unisex deo, however I’d say it was more geared towards the ladies based soley on the fact it smells quite typically girly. And I am totally here for it.

It keeps the sweat patches at bay for hours and hours, it can be a little refresher if you’re feeling a little stale and perfume is nowhere to be seen. And it’s bloody travel friendly, who doesn’t love that?!

Although I will say maybe best not to use it when you have freshly shaved pits, it’s a little harsh* *read: stings like a MF.

CoLab Dry Shampoo, Unicorn Scent

I got this baby in my Cosmo goodie bag, and in all honesty I was a bit snobby and like ‘this won’t be better than my beloved Batiste’ … I may have been misinformed.

It smells wonderful, it leaves ZERO white residue which is a modern day miracle, and on those kind of hot days where you’re a little sweaty but not enough to warrant a hairwash (and not even then for me hehe) it’s the perfect refresher.

Superdrug, Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes

Now before some of you skincare gurus lose your rag at me for using wipes, hold up. When the humidity is 321% outside, you’re sweating like an avocado in Shoreditch and you can’t take your entire skincare regime on the go, a little wipe is the answer to your sweaty prayers.

I’ve been loving these Superdrug wipes as 1) they’re mega cheap, 2) they have micellar technology which my skin is a big fan of and 3) they get all the gunk out of your skin with minimal effort.

Botanics Radiant Youth Day Cream & Botanics Facial Oil

My oh my, these two dreamboats coming together is my go-to duo at the moment. It hydrates and soothes my skin morning and evening, it doesn’t break me out as it’s such a light formula, it’s got all natural ingredients and it’s only got a bloody SPF in it hasn’t it?

That saves me a job, and saves future Jade having to fork out for chemical peels galore to try and salvage her handbag skin.


3 responses to “Summer Beauty Essentials To Look & Feel Fresh”

  1. Ema Brewer says:

    That unicorn dry shampoo sounds amaze!! Tbf I think I’m just loving anything unicorn atm but still 😂🌝

  2. Love your post. The body glow lotion seems perfect for a fresh summer day.

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