Girly Gifts Under £50 For The Lady In Your Life

21st November 2017

It’s just under 5 weeks, and 1 pay day away from Christmas – eeek! I’m trying to be a little more organised this year, as I usually wait until the last minute and all the deals are gone and the only things left cost an arm and a leg. Thieving swines. As I’m saving for a mortgage (I know, very grown up) any deals or ideas are welcome with open arms. I know for example my brother struggles beyond imagination with what to get my sister and me. ‘I’m a boy, I don’t know what girly things you want. It’s going to be an Amazon job for everyone’, is his classic pre-Christmas warning. And so I’ve compiled a list for those out there who struggle to shop for the women in their life, and best of all? They’re budget friendly girly gifts under £50!

21 girly gift ideas

girly gift guidegirly giftsgirly gifts

1.Mango – Quilted Chain Bag, £29.00

2.Urban Outfitters – Coco Chanel Pocket Wisdom, £5.99

3.Topshop – Red Tassle Earrings, £14.00

4. Topshop – ‘I can’t adult today’ mug, £10.00

5.Zara – Pearl Beanie Hat, £9.99

6.Urban Outfitters – Sloth Notebook, £10.00

7.River Island – Rose Gold Circle Earrings, £6.00

8.New Look – Red Suede Boots, £27.99

9.New Look – Balloon Sleeve Chenille Cardigan, £24.99

10.John Lewis – Katie Loxton Pouch, £16.99

11. Boots – Armini Mini Perfume Set, £30.00

12.Too-Faced – Best Year Ever Makeup Set, £46.00

13.Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Minis Set, £42.00

14.MAC Snowball Mini Brush Set, £30.00

15.John Lewis – Katie Loxton Card Holder, £17.50

16.New Look – Velvet Studded Body Suit, £24.99

17.Anthropology – Geode Coaster, £14.00

18. Desenio – Art Work & Prints, varied

19.Anthropology – Monogram Marbled Cheese Board, £34.00

20.Anthropology – Monogramed Mug, was £10.00, now £8.00

21.New Look – Floral Boots, £32.99

Keep your eyes peeled as I’m planning on updating this list as the weeks roll on!

What are your must purchase ideas for the ladies?

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7 responses to “Girly Gifts Under £50 For The Lady In Your Life”

  1. Ms Via says:

    I loved all the items that you have selected. I would love to receive the purse, the mugs, the Kat Von D lipsticks, the Toofaced set.. hehehe great post! 🙂

  2. Imperfect Beauty says:

    Omg, yes! I love these kind of posts! Get’s me so excited for Christmas 🙂 x

  3. lifeofangela says:

    I’d love all of these, so this is a pretty good list haha! In my family we’ve started asking if there’s anything you want for Christmas, and base the gifts off that. It’s taken out guesswork, so it works for us 😂

  4. Ella May Garrett says:

    This is such an amazing gift guide, I’m obsessed with the sloth notebook haha!!

  5. Beyoutiful says:

    These are lovely gift ideas and love those red tassel earrings!!

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