My Makeup Must Haves For The Colder Months

13th November 2018

I think we all remember our first trip to go and buy makeup. My mum took me into Superdrug, where I picked out a ‘Miss Sporty’ anti-blemish powder (is Miss Sporty even around anymore?). The classic Rimmel concealer stick, a Max Factor mascara – fancy, before we scurried over to The Body Shop where I picked up a jazzy as hell turquoise eyeshadow. Spoiler I thought it was great, but 14 year old me looked like garbage.

Since this little trip and my acne adventures I’ve been a sucker for all makeup. However, over the last year I’ve stopped. I’ve stopped looking. I’ve stopped investing. And I’ve stopped experimenting.

I’ve become incredibly lazy. I wear the same makeup and have the same routine every single day. I’ll maybe add a little eyeshadow or liquid liner if I’m feeling particularly daring at the weekends, but that’s about the extent. I found what I like and what my skin seems to like, and that’s your lot.

But y’know when you look at a word for too long, and it doesn’t look like a word anymore? Yeah, that’s how my face feels. I feel like I don’t look like or feel like myself. And I’m getting stuck in this rut of wearing standard face makeup, a bit of mascara and attempting to turn my weird sluggy eyebrows into an arched masterpiece.

And because the days are dark, the nights are long and I am always complaining about being freezing. What better reason to stay indoors and trial some new and exciting goodies (new to me anyway) and I’ve been living for it.

Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray

As someone who claims to love makeup, I’m a little embarrassed at myself for not trying this sooner. I’ve seen the videos of people spraying this holy water on their face and then trying to smudge their perfect cut crease and failing.

In all honesty I thought it was the setting spray equivalent of those JML ‘No-No’ hair removal devices. Stating that your hair will be stripped away completely, it won’t come back as thick, with zero pain. HAHAHA I SPENT £100 FINDING OUT I MAY AS WELL HAVE JUST WISHED ON STRAY EYELASHES THAT MY LEG HAIRS WENT AWAY.

Anyway. I’m here to tell you that the rumours are true. Like actually true. The Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ setting spray genuinely makes my makeup look freshly applied for as long as it’s on. There’s no cracking, there’s no flaking, and I’m no longer panicking when I look at Ben’s t-shirt after he hugs me. Transfer is a thing of the past and so is trying any other setting spray.

Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk Eyeshadow

I was lucky enough to actually be sent some PR Charlotte bloody Tilbury. I know, I don’t think I can really grow from this point either. Anyway. I received the 2 new launches from their Pillow Talk collection and sweet damn they are delicious.

The Pillow Talk Eyeshadow quad is particularly wonderful. I already have the Uptown Girl palette and it’s a little embarrassing how much I love it. So not entirely sure why I thought Pillow Talk would be different.

The palette is full of beautiful pinky tones, that you can make as subtle or bold as you want that glide on like a new out the pack pair of tights. It’s been my go-to neutral eye look since I got it, and in the colder months it’s giving me that ‘fresh faced’ aesthetic that we all try and master.

Dermologica – Skinperfect Primer

Primer is BAE, the spots it usually causes to erupt from my face I could kinda do without. So I’m at the point now where I’m willing to sign away my soul for a primer that makes my makeup stay in place without making my skin throw up.

ENTER THE DERMOLOGICA PRIMER. The babes over at Dermologica UK have totally spoilt me in the past few weeks, however I think this is my favourite product. It’s a tinted primer, which blurs imperfections, smooths fine lines and floats over those skanky pores/craters around the nose. But the best part? It’s actually good for your skin. It’s improving your skin the more you use it and I for one could shed a little tear.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer

And again, other cult product that I decided ‘couldn’t live up to the hype’. I don’t know why I thought the number 1 best selling bronzer would be anything other than glorious. And guess what? It deserves the top spot. I use bronzer for everything. Bronzing (obvs), contour, eyeshadow, the works. And I always find that they never apply as smoothly as I’d like, and the colour pay off is never quite there.

Well no more, you need a gentle tap and you are cooking with gas. I picked up the mini version to trial it out back at the beginning of September and I’ve not even made a dent. I’ve used it every day since I’ve had it, and it’s been my ultimate multipurpose product.



6 responses to “My Makeup Must Haves For The Colder Months”

  1. I love my all nighter Spray! It’s a must have for me.

  2. Great post! The Pillow Talk palette is so cute! I love these colors. Omg All nighter is an essential…especially with Florida weather

  3. Sophie's Thoughts says:

    I really want to try Charlotte Tilbury products more! I have tried her lipsticks which are lovely, but the Pillow Talk eye-shadow palette looks amazing!

    Sophie xx

  4. I love the UD All nighter spray <3

    Serene XO

  5. Rebecca Allatt says:

    That CT palette is gorgeous! x

  6. The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is my holy grail, the biggest makeup life saver!! Xx

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