Easy Skull Makeup: Using Products You Already Own

30th October 2018

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m one of the least organised people you’ll ever met. I’m very much a, ‘meh it’ll work out, I don’t have to worry about it yet’. When LOL okay I should definitely be worrying about it way before it gets on my radar. I did a look last year that involved purchasing essentially all new makeup and fake blood. Don’t get my wrong, being Frankenstein’s bride was and looked pretty cool. However it was a level of organised I really have to work at. So a Halloween makeup look, using products that I already have laying around? It’s almost a necessity rather than a luxury.

What you’ll need:

Bronzer – I used the Benefit Hoola bronzer as it is so easily blendable, however all bronzer is good bronzer.

Eyeshadow palette (shades black and brown) – most palettes will have a brown of some kind and a black tucked away in there. I used the Makeup Revolution ‘Soph x’ palette just because it was the first one I found in my collection that had it (v glamour and well thought out).

Liquid eyeliner – if you have a really luxe liquid eyeliner, you may want to purchase a cheaper alternative as we’re going to be using A LOT of the product. I used the Soap & Glory Supercat liquid liner, however you can pick up one on a pot from Rimmel for like £3 which is smashing. Which in all honesty I forgot existed until I got home and had cracked mine open – sob.

Your usual foundation and eyebrow routine – you’re going to do your foundation, concealer, brows all as you usually would. We’re just going to be adding on top our skull makeup.

Phase 1 – the bronzer and brown eyeshadow

Using whatever brush tickles your pickle and is good at getting in those crevasses’ , work your bronzer into all the usual contour places; cheekbones, sides of the nose, jaw line and hair line. As well as under your bottom lip, next to your eyebrows and most importantly all over the eyelid and undereyes to create that sunken look. And we’re going to go heavy duty, so it really doesn’t matter how sloppy you think it looks.

Once you’ve done that, using a eyeshadow brush create a line down the centre of your neck using either the bronzer or eyeshadow. Once this is complete draw a few horizontal lines on top to create the impression of a sunken looking neck.

easy skull makeup

Phase 2 – black eyeshadow

You’re going to go over your brown eyeshadow on the lid and undereye to further sink those eyes. And you’re going to use the black eyeshadow in the hallows of your cheeks. Only a light dusting to accentuate those sharp looking cheek bones.

easy skull makeup

Phase 3 – liquid eyeliner

Mouth: you’re going to draw 2 curved lines starting in the very corners of your mouth, going out until you reach the beginning of your drawn in cheeks. Then you’re simply going to draw vertical lines the whole way across to give the impression of teeth starting to peak through.

Nose: you’re going to draw 2 straight lines on the edges of your nose. Starting next to your tear ducts until the end of your nose. You’re going to join the 2 lines together with a curved line just level with the start of your black undereye shadow. And then it’s time to colour in.

easy skull makeup easy skull makeup

Phase 4 – outfit

You’re going to want an outfit that compliments this look (A.K.A black) I was kindly gifted this gorgeous vintage looking dress from the babes at Boohoo. And we all know Boohoo is the one for Halloween outfits and dresses in general, so if you need some inspo I highly recommend.

Et voila. You are now a homemade skull and you probably didn’t even need to leave the house to get supplies.

easy halloween makeup


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