2019: The Year Of No Resolutions

11th January 2019

Well hello strangers. I can only apologise for my impromptu and unexplained absence, and I wish I had a far more whimsical story to share than I was simply in a chocolate orange and porn star martini induced state for the majority of December.

Tis the season and all that.

However we are now firmly into January, and it has already felt like it’s gone on for approximately 7 years. Does anyone else feel like January is the longest and most mundane month, and by April you can’t remember anything that happened throughout the entire month? Minus the fact I still can’t get into my favourite pair of jeans and I am beyond bored of eating soup for my lunch.

(funny story: I picked up what I thought was fresh soup, in fact turned out to be enough pasta sauce to feed a small army. Still dipped my roll into it though didn’t I?)

January 1st is something I’ve never really got my head around. It’s meant to be a day of new beginnings, a fresh start and a chance for you to set yourself unattainable goals that will no doubt be kicked to the curb alongside the Christmas tree a few days later. I mean, how on Earth can it be a fresh start when you’re still digesting Christmas dinner leftovers and in the same pjs as you were in technically the year before?

I set myself a few goals last year that I wanted to achieve, one being passing my driving test and (yay) I managed to do that. However, another was to buy my own house, something I didn’t manage to do within 2018 cos houses are expensive and ya gal loves New Look. And y’know what? I don’t want to class that as me failing my goals.

I passed my driving test, something I had worked towards for over a year and I was (and am) so bloody chuffed with myself. However, I didn’t really feel that I got the chance to really savour my triumph as it was essentially a tick off a to-do list. It wasn’t an accomplishment, so much as a chore that was finally done. And as quick as my pride came, it went and turned to the next thing I could tick off.

Alongside that, a HUGE amount of other wonderful things happened in 2018 that hadn’t been popped onto the to-do list. I went to my first blog event, I secured some fantastic collaborations, I made some blog friends, I progressed in my day job, Ben and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. But these things were almost forgotten about in my mind as they weren’t accounted for, they were add ons and thus couldn’t be ticked off upon completion.

As well as some near misses. For example I had set myself what seemed the unrealistic goal of getting 3,000 followers on Instagram by the end of the year, which in fact I was only 300 off of come December 31st. But I didn’t hit the target so that’s still classed as a failure. And that’s bloody s**t.

So for 2019, I’m not setting myself any goals. My only aim for the year is to keep creating and keep moving forward. I don’t want to dull any of the sparkle that the year could bring, and I don’t want to move on from wonderful things that have happened because I’m waiting to tick off the next item.

Are you setting any goals this year?


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  1. You’ll be at 3,000 in no time – can’t believe you’re not there already, as your content is so lovely!

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