Christmas Through The Ages | Why It’s Better Now

17th December 2017


Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph the Christmas cheer has found me at long last and I am 103% ready for my visit from Santa. It’s taken an age to get in the mood this year, and I mainly blame it on the fact we weren’t allowed decorations in our office until 2 days ago. Some kind of cruel joke, right?

Surely I must be able to claim for this assault on my Christmas experience? What is Christmas in an office without a bountiful supply of paper chains and tinsel covering every surface? The bah hum-bugs.

However, it’s here so no one panic. And I started talking to some of my office pallies about how I actually enjoy Christmas more now, controversial I know.


THEN: the excitement of Santa coming, somehow getting into my house, sneaking into my room and filling up my stocking was so intense that I never slept. I wanted so much to see him, and I was buzzing off my little face that I wouldn’t sleep. I would lay in bed, patiently waiting and the second I would drop off and abruptly wake up it would be too late. And then of course, there’s presents now. So off I trotted into my parent’s room at 3:00am and that would be it. Everyone’s up, and Christmas has begun. So by 5:00pm everyone is slowly dying from exhaustion. MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY.

NOW: Now I know the obvious, we actually all get a good night’s sleep and so can enjoy the entire day. And avoid those hideous eye bags in all the Christmas Day selfies.


THEN: OMG OMG OMG LOOK HOW MUCH THERE IS! WE MUST HAVE BEEN SO GOOD THIS YEAR. WAIT WHY DID SHE GET THAT AND I DIDN’T?! Christmas was just all about the opening, which in my opinion it should be for children. However, I personally was never very interested in what my parent’s got etc, so it was a smidgen selfish.

NOW: I LOVE BUYING PEOPLE PRESENTS. For me now, it’s more about seeing someone’s face when they open something I’ve really put a lot of thought into and love it. Sure it’s great to receive the gifts, who doesn’t love being spoilt? But I genuinely love seeing everyone’s face’s light up more.


THEN: Again, kids are a lil selfish, and that’s fine. It’s just the way it is as they haven’t learnt yet. So whenever my family would arrive on Christmas Day, I would be like “HELLO MERRY CHRISTMAS!” when really, I would be looking to see how big the bag of presents they bought was.

NOW: Christmas seems to be one of the only times we all really spend some quality time together. Especially as my dad lives abroad now, it really is so special just spending that time together. You appreciate everyone that little more with each passing year, as you know in your infinite wisdom that things change. And next year maybe completely different.


THEN: “If I eat one more potato and one more bit of broccoli can we go and play?” Food on Christmas would just cut into serious new toy playing time.

NOW: Isn’t it just the best part? A huge and gluttonous meal, 2 chocolate tins, 3 packets of biscuits and all the cheese you can eat, and none of it has any calories because it’s Christmas? SIGN ME THE HELL UP!

Do you prefer Christmas then or now?

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2 responses to “Christmas Through The Ages | Why It’s Better Now”

  1. I still wake everyone up at 5am shouting ‘Santa’s been!’ I try to sleep in later but it’s too hard! 🙈 Christmas food has no calories?! I like your way of thinking there, I’ll be using that to justify eating yet another giant chocolate bar 😂😋 x

  2. lifeofangela says:

    Haha, kids are always the same on Christmas. It is hilarious seeing how excited they get. I do enjoy the present part (both giving and getting), but it’s also definitely the food and hanging out part that I love best as well 😀

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