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21st October 2017

I love TV as much as the next gal, however my attention span to sit and watch a series is shocking. Before I know it I’ve missed half the episode and I’m about 6 weeks down my Instagram feed. Unless I’m gripped in the first 90 seconds, you’ve lost me. However, a documentary is something you can sink your teeth into. I love the fact that it’s all about true events, and it gives you a peak into the past. These 3 documentaries are the ones that I can still remember where I was the first time I watched them, they’re not necessarily happy, but they’re brilliant. And for that reason they’re on my must watch list.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

This was the first documentary I ever watched that completely gripped me. I can remember where I was, what was happening in my life at that time – it’s crazy. The documentary starts back in 2001 a young medical resident, Andrew Bagby is murdered shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend. Soon after his murder his ex-girlfriend announces she’s pregnant with his child. A friend of Andrew’s is a film maker, and wants to create a gift to his friend’s son. Interviewing family, friends, colleagues etc., so the child can know his father without being able to meet him. I will of course not give you any spoilers, but there are so many twists and turns throughout this harrowing tale I could hardly keep up. My only advise is grab your tissues, it’s incredibly emotional. You can find the documentary on YouTube, go go go!

Real Crime: Babes In The Wood

I warn you now, this is an incredibly dark and heart wrenching documentary. It is the story of ‘the babes in the woods’, in 1970 Susan Blatchford 11, and Gary Hanlon 12, we abducted, sexually assaulted and finally strangled and their bodies dumped in Epping Forest, Essex. It goes into some gruesome and disturbing detail of the chain of the events, as the man responsible is filmed while giving his confession. A happy tale this is not, but it opens your eyes. And as a Criminology and Sociology graduate, I am so intrigued as to the mentality behind every action. A grisly tale, but a tale well worth hearing. You can find this on YouTube, separated into a few individual videos.


I think everyone has heard of this documentary. It is the documentary that sparked the realisation of the cruelty of Sea World, leading to its eventual and warranted closure. The documentary is based around Sea World’s largest and shining star, Tilikum the orca. It shows you how he was captured when he was a baby, made to perform and his sad life. It goes into detail about how this effects the orca’s and Tilikum’s mentality, which led to the deaths of 2 people, 1 being Tilikum’s trainer. I had goose bumps throughout the entirety, it is absolutely fantastic in everyway. If you consider watching nothing else, I would watch this, it’s on Netflix and is my FAVOURITE documentary to date.

What’re your favourite documentaries?

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9 responses to “Must Watch List | Documentaries That Stuck With Me”

  1. waiyeed says:

    Dear Zachary is so devastating. I’ve heard of Blackfish before, and the second one sounds fascinating. Will definitely check them out soon. Great list! xx

  2. lifeofangela says:

    I’ve seen Blackfish, and it was incredible! Definitely my favourite documentary to date, I’ve heard of the other two, but haven’t seen them. I’ll add them to my watch later definitely 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    Blackfish is also my favourite! I sobbed! Have you watched Project Nim???
    I will look for the Dear Zachary one- thanks!

    Holly xxx ///

  4. Michaela | Halcyon Living says:

    I definitely want to check out those first two! I’m a big fan of the blackfish documentary aswell!

    Not sure if this is your cup of tea, but Russell Brand’s ‘Emperors New Clothes’ is super interesting as well 🙂

    Mickie x

  5. If you liked Blackfish, definitely watch Trophy (it comes out on the 17th Nov in the UK). Another documentary about treating animals as commodities. I saw it recently and it’s a tough watch but so well-made and really thought-provoking.

    • bellainizio says:

      Oh lord I can only imagine what it entails from the title. Sounds right up my street, thank you for the recommendation lovely x

  6. BlackFish was a such a great documentary. I was totally touched learning that Orcas are incredibly intelligent and emotional animals. In fact, I am so moved that I will be doing a short “case study”

    Thanks for recommending Dear Zachary. I will watch this at some point this week!

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