Beauty Treatments 101: Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

31st August 2018
We all know I bloody love a beauty product. Gimme a skincare or makeup item and the chances are I’ve tried them out in one way or another. However, when it comes to being a ‘real Essex girl’ and having beauty treatments I’m somewhat of a novice. And when it comes to the classic Essex eyelash & eyebrow tint, I’m a total virgin.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my nails done, I’ve had a cheeky pre-holiday sunbed or two and a one off facial about 5 years ago which broke me out on a eruptive scale. But I’ve badly tweezed my own brows since I was about 11 and have seen the damage lash extensions leave in their wake (my Mumma had to wear false lashes for 9 months whilst hers grew back after extensions *shudder*).
So my Daddy’s fiancée is a bit of a guru when it comes to a little beauty treatment, and every time I go to Portugal to see them we have a little girly afternoon and have our nails done. You get the idea. However, this time she proposed getting my lashes and eyebrows done as she wanted to not have to wear mascara and was getting her lashes tinted. And seeing as I have 2 holidays in 1 month, what better excuse to low maintenance brows and lashes?
I mean, these first world problems I’m facing. *violin plays in background*
So as my time in Portugal was limited, I was fearless on a next level scale and dismissed the patch test. Yes. I would suffer the consequences if I had an allergic reaction. If that doesn’t scream ‘rebel’, I don’t know what does.
So we rock up at this little salon at 9:45 for our appointments, me still delirious and puffy eyed from thinking it’s a stellar idea to write a blog post a mere 7 hours prior. So there I am laying on this little table, with my hands awkwardly folded as I wait for the black dye for my lashes and the brown for my brows to be mixed up.
eyelash & eyebrow tint

The lash experience

So the lovely Russian lady popped some cream under my eyes for the little guard to stick to and the adventure began. She gently brushed some dye on the lashes in the outer corner of my left eye and for 2.6 second all was well, and then the worst happened. It started to burn, like really burn.

Rather than saying something like any other normal person, in true British form I didn’t want to complain or make a fuss. So this continued over my whole left eye, and then she moved onto the right. And this is where the panic set in, I can only really see out of my right eye anyway, so when I enviably go blind what will I do? Do I learn to read Braille? What will I call my guide dog?

Again, I didn’t say a word. Inside there were alarms going off, people screaming and running. But on the outside I was stone faced with my hands still awkwardly folded on my tummy. So once it was on and I felt like my eyes were melting, you just have to let it do it’s thing. And thank the lord, the burning started to wear off as time went on. And as I started to relax I wondered if my back was sweaty enough to leak through onto the towels on the table.

I thought I was in the clear and then the dye had to go on the front of my lashes. And well, what fresh hell that was? If I wasn’t going to go blind at this point, she’s just slapped some dye directly onto my eyeball. Y’know, just to make sure there was no chance of me living a life with vision.

But praise the lord, she started wiping my eyes and told me to slowly open them. And I can only describe it as having glass in my eyes, they were welded shut. There was eye drops being thrown around, a fan flapping in my face to cool the burning. It was a whole thing. The burning and eye watering did not stop and resulted in me standing over the sink just splashing water over my face in a desperate bit to extinguish the fire that was happening in my eyes.


Safe to say my eyelash dying journey has come to very abrupt and very real end.

The brow experience

She whips out her ruler and stencils out the shape of some v arched brows. Living for that symmetry. She tweezed out some stray hairs so fast I could barely feel it, and the next thing I know the dye is on. It’s super cold and soothing and I could have fallen asleep. She’s neatening up the edges, she’s got her cotton bud out making those lines so sharp you could cut yourself and it was a damn good time. A little while later it’s all whipped off and I’m sent on my way. I very different experience to the lashes some may say.

The end result is a more natural version of when I do them myself and I am totally here for it. And the best news of all? I don’t have to touch them in the mornings, meaning I can have an extra 10 minutes in bed which in itself is worth the money. I may as well chuck out my eyebrow gear from my makeup bag now.

eyelash & eyebrow tint
I’ve already googled places that do the tinting local to me, as a new habit has been born and I refuse to ever do my own eyebrows again knowing this is an option. Is this how rich people feel? If so, I best crack on with the lottery to maintain this new found lifestyle.

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  1. Joy says:

    Well at least the eyebrow tint worked. Too bad that the eyelash tint did not, I personally would never do it because I think with mascara, I can achieve that same effect, like you said. Great post, I enjoyed reading xx

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