5 Things I’m Adding To My September To-Do List

4th September 2018

I think I’ve got whiplash from how quickly the seasons seem to have changed. It was literally 3 weeks ago I was browsing the high street’s offerings; sweating like pineapple at customs. And as I write this post I’m in my leggings, hoodie and trying to remember where I chucked my thermal socks when the heatwave struck.

As much as I love the longer days and not having to take a jacket everywhere, I’m actually buzzing for Autumn and everything it represents – like the A++ original blogger I am. However as the sun sets earlier with each passing day, so does my motivation. I become the total embodiment of a sloth, lazy, eats and lot and sleeps even more. So I need to set myself some tasks so my life doesn’t become a blur of television series, blankets and chocolate orange wrappers.

Buy some staple fashion bits

So. Summer was a bit of a wild one in terms of makin’ it rain in New Look a hell of a lot. It made me realise that whilst my wardrobe looked brilliant, I was spending beyond my means. And now the sun has gone to bed and so must all my summer clothes, so now what?

Thus, I’m going to be a fully fledged adult in my mid 20s (sob, boo, hiss) and buy a few staple pieces that can carry over through the colder months. So I don’t fall into a pit of despair when the time comes to buy allllllllll the Christmas presents and I have £3.67 to my name.

Make a ‘blog friend’

I went over this in my post ‘I’m a bad online friend’, but bottom line is yo girl is thirsty AF to make some blogging friends. Someone to talk all things blog, to meet up with and have a frap and outfit photo taking session. So I’m going to try and grow some lady balls and actually engage with some bloggers I get on with (without sounding like a weird lurker).

Start house hunting

Ben and I have agreed that once we’re back from our holiday at the end of September we’re going to get the ball rolling with getting our own home. EEEEK. So that means, sorting a mortgage, house viewings, picking up some home odds and sods.


Get in a better skincare routine

When I suffered with acne my skincare routine was like a military operation, everything was regimented and down to the minute. And now that my acne has cleared up I’ve loosened the reigns, and essentially dropped them somewhere. I take my makeup off and moisturise everyday, but those are the only guarantees. I need some structure back in my life. And the lovely team at REN recently sent me some bits, so what good a time as any to start?

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I’m going to be honest here and say that whilst I publish my own posts and harp on about them, I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading other blogs. I feel that I’ve become too wrapped up in my own shit that I’ve forgotten one of the huge reasons I started my blog. That I bloody love reading blog posts. I love finding new beauty gems that I may have not thought about before. I love finding out what my fave bloggers have been up to in their personal lives. And I really love finding new Netflix series and podcasts to binge on.

And how on Earth can I expect others to read my work, if I’m not taking the time to put back into the community? How self absorbed of me.


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