Handbag Essentials | Winter Edition Collab

14th November 2017

I don’t deal too well with dramatic changes, I need to be eased in gently and quietly. Like a baby deer. England’s weather clearly didn’t get the memo and drop kicked us from autumn to winter. And hot damn, it is fricken freezing. And so the time has come to chuck out the sunglasses and sun-cream and replace with more winter friendly handbag essentials (did anyone else call it a hambag when they were young? Just me?). And so, I’ve collaborated with the lovely Rae to go through our beauty hambag must haves. Go now and check out this little love, she’s brilliant!

Hat & gloves

Speaking as a ~sort of~ adult, not being able to drive in the winter is heartbreaking. Walking to the station in the mornings through the wind and cold is not what I need, and so gloves and a hat are a must. I picked up these cutesy ones from Primark. Where else would I get them from? This adorable grey bobble hat, complete with pearls was only £4.00. it’s so warm, it’s so on trend and I’m loving it. And then my glorious chenille gloves cost me £1.00, yes £1.00. Because they’re chenille they just seem to repel the cold and retain the warm, not to mention they’re so soft I just caress my own face a lot when I wear them.

Primark grey bobble hat with pearl details and chenille grey gloves

Hand cream & lip balm

As I say, I’m not a fan of the cold and wind and neither is my skin. I get the driest cracked knuckles and in between my fingers throughout the whole of the winter, and so a hand cream needs to be on hand (pardon the pun) at all times. I got this Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream in a recent Birchbox and despite the grim name, it works wonders on my skin and smells divine!

And it’s the same case with my lips, the cold wind just seems to suck away any moister that they have. And so I need a heavy duty lip balm to soothe them and replace their moisture. Again, I received this Dr. PawPaw Original Balm in a Birchbox and it’s not left my side since. It’s the same consistency and appearance as Vaseline, but without the continual need to reapply which I find Vaseline has.

Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream and Dr.PawPaw Original Balm


I feel like I’m having a bit of a ‘I hate the wind’ moan but, I really do. Along with everything else it makes my eyes water and leads to mascara getting smudged and clumping together. And this is where the Benefit Roller Lash comes into play, you really only need a small amount to achieve amazing lashes. Meaning the chances of smudging your mascara are reduced and as it’s a lengthening formula it’s so easy to fix any disasters that the weather has created.Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


Hair bands & grips

If it all goes terribly wrong, it’s drizzling, it’s windy and your hair is unsalvageable it’s time to just scrap it up. So having a supply of hair bands and grips is such a necessity.

hair hands and hair grips

What’re your handbag must haves?

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8 responses to “Handbag Essentials | Winter Edition Collab”

  1. stacyolsen says:

    Love this post! I just recently went and bought a few of those adorable bobble hats from Primark. It feels like it turned winter overnight here in New York!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. thecoffeechatter says:

    I absolutely adore that hat!! I wish we had Primark here in Canada – I would so be picking one of those up for myself, as the weather here is becoming very cold, very quickly.

    Lovely post! xx

  3. Hand cream is such a must have for me, especially during the winter! That hat is so adorable as well 😀

  4. Love this post! I live in the northern US and we’ve already had snowfall. Your “hambag” joke cracked me up hahaha. 🙂

  5. Natalie Vinh says:

    I’ve heard about the Cowshed line and I really want to try it out! Also, I really love your hat and gloves!

  6. LOVE your bag 😍 Your hat & gloves are so cute ❄ Rollerlash is my fave benefit mascara 💖
    Rae xoxo

    http://www.Raexoxo.com & http://www.RaexoxoMonthly.com

  7. Beautiful photos… ❤️

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