Oval Makeup Brushes vs. Traditional Makeup Brushes*

13th April 2018

Oval makeup brushes sashayed into all of our lives about 18 months ago out of nowhere. I had only just made my peace with the fact I now had to actually wash my brushes. Rather then letting them fester in my makeup bag, and be the Shagaluf equivalent for germs.

Being slapped all over the Internet with every beauty guru screaming about them from the rooftops. I wasn’t sure how much better they could be to a traditional brush, so I’ve decided to put it to the test.

The lovely lads at Crown Brushes* asked me if I would like to try an assortment of their gorg brushes, and how could I turn them down?

I picked up the Oval Rose Gold Full-Face Contour Brush Trio, the Round Buffer Brush and an Angled Definer Brush (those brows have always got to be poppin’). First off, the quality. I am in fricken love, not only are they aesthetically pleasing, the bristles are so soft, 100% synthetic and vegan friendly. And to top it off, the handles have finger grips so you can get right up in yo’ grill.

First impressions

The oval set I received is truly magical. With 3 different sized heads it’s very easy to pick and choose what you’d use them for, making them incredibly versatile. The density of the bristles for me is the main difference to a traditional brush. As it is so jam-packed with bristles, it makes for a very even coverage of product over the face.

And the brushes are extremely easy to use, I especially find contouring difficult. As I’m right handed doing my right cheekbones is a breeze, whereas my left is a whole new ball game. So I’m able to hold the oval brush differently because of its shape and actually apply my contour without snapping my wrist.

Crown Brush Oval Makeup Brushes

The results

I am a powder kind of gal. I used powder foundation, powder contour and powder highlighter for my everyday makeup. As the bristles are so dense the powder doesn’t get worked into the skin as it does with a traditional brush.

It’s more of a pushing it around your skin, and hoping for the best scenario. I also noticed that it was hard to actually pick the product up on the oval brushes, as there is so little product absorption.

Liquid products on the other hand. OVAL BRUSHES COME ON THROUGH. Lord have mercy on me, my life is different now.

When I use liquid foundation usually (boarder line never) it just gets worked so hard into my skin with traditional brushes, nothing is left for my face as the brush swallows it up and there’s the ever-present issue of uneven distribution.


My skin genuinely looks flawless when I use the oval brushes with liquid products. It just glides over every inch of my face, distributing it perfectly across my skin. There was no bunching, the was no streak marks, there was no arm ache from excessive blending. It was honestly a dream. I’ve seen what I can look like with flawless coverage, and I can never go back. LIQUID FO’ LIFE.

What’re your thoughts on oval makeup brushes vs. traditional makeup brushes?

*This post is sponsored by Crown Brush, however all thoughts are my own*

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Crown Brush Oval Makeup Brushes


3 responses to “Oval Makeup Brushes vs. Traditional Makeup Brushes*”

  1. lifeofangela says:

    I’ve yet to try any oval brushes, but I have heard that they work wonders when working with liquid products! Definitely something I’m considering trying some day 🙂

  2. Rebecca Allatt says:

    These look so pretty, I’ve heard great things about oval brushes but have never tried them! Great review sweet x

  3. I am yet to try oval brushes as I thought they wouldn’t work as well, but it sounds like they work wonders. X

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