How April Went & My May Goals

6th May 2018

So last month I set myself some April goals that I wanted to achieve, and I’m semi pleased to report back that I actually kind of, sort of, accomplished some of them. I started going to bed before midnight during the week if I could help it, which in turn has actually made me sleepier then I was before – my body has become greedy. So I’m not sure if this is a victory or not.

Engaging in Twitter conversations … naaaaht so much. But hey there’s always May right?

Commenting and engaging with other people’s content. I must say I have been commenting on Insta and Twitter more than I was which I’m enjoying it tremendously. I’ve also been silently reading a hell of a lot more blog posts, and you lot are bloody talented aren’t cha?

And taking more photos has a big, fat, delicious tick next to it. I’ve been annoying everyone and savouring every second of it. Which isn’t helping me go to bed at a reasonable hour as I have more snaps to scroll through.

And so, let’s set some more for May and see how we fare with these.


I’m going to be a little optimistic/unrealistic and put it out into the universe that I would bloomin’ love to reach 2,000 followers on Insta and 3,500 on Twitter. As I’ve been engaging more I’ve fallen back in love with the creative side of my social medias, and the saying is so true. What you put out there, you get back. And the support has been f’ing fantastic.

There could even be a cheeky giveaway if I can reach my goal – I’ve already started accumulating some goodies in the vein hope it happens hehe.

Beauty self-care

As we’ve had some gorgeous weather in the last few weeks (I’m writing this from the dark cave that is my bedroom, as the glorious sunshine is blinds me), the jumpers and tights are being chucked aside and revealing that lol, the razor and fake tan need to make an overdue appearance

So this is the month I take better care of my appearance, or just make a little bit more effort than I currently am (as I sit currently resembling a sad looking potato). Nails painted – we’ll forgive chipping every now and again, a darker skin shade than ‘see through’ and moisterising everywhere. As I don’t know about anyone else, my feet are looking pretty shriveled.

Put myself out there with brands

I used to email brands left, right and centre a few months back. Hours upon hours would be dedicated to it, and I very seldomly heard back. And I am nothing if not easily discouraged. So this is the month I’m going to get back on the horse, and try and make some brand friends. Rather than waiting for them to never find me.

What’re your May goals?

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