How To Have The Perfect Pamper Session

7th October 2017

Is there anything in this life more glorious than having a cosy evening in, and deciding you’re going to go all out and treat yourself? I didn’t think so either. Especially when you’ve had a stressful time and you need to unwind and pamper yourself a little. When I’m stressed in particular self-care just goes out the window, and it’s only when you take the time to look at yourself you realise what’s been happening. So let’s get into the perfect pamper session.

Body & Hair

Now would any pamper session be complete without a glorious bubble bath? Soak away your troubles and scrub away those dead skin cells with the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life Exfoliating Scrub. The thick paste is absolutely jam packed with little exfoliating beads that buff away and dryness of skin build ups. A little really does go a long way, and if clean had a smell it’d be this. I’ve used this baby twice a week, every week for around 3 years and it has never ever failed me. True love!

Once you’ve had your bath it’s time to wash your hair. In the colder months, and if I’ve abused my hair with the hairdryer and staighteners, it’s good to put back some of that moisture. I’ve been obsessing over the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask*, it confused me a little at first, as it is a clay mask. The texture is that of smooth clay and the smell is actually delicious, not your typical fruity hair care product smell. It’s quite masculine, but I’m all about it. So I work that into the mid and lengths of my hair and then leave it to work its magic for as long as possible. It leaves my hair so hydrated, so light considering this is a heavy-duty mask and it feels beautifully soft.

Once you’ve finished in the bathroom it’s time to moisterise your skin. If you’ve just used a scrub your skin is going to be slightly dry and a bit irritated, so to make it happy again I ADORE the Palmers Cocoa Butter Daily Skin Therapy. It is the consistency of a serious body butter, with the same results but with the lightness and quick absorption of a daily moisteriser. And can we just talk about the smell for a second? Everytime I put this on the boyf secretly sniffs me, he hates moisteriser as most men do but the cocoa lures him in!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Daily Moisteriser, Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask & Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life Exfoliating Scrub


And now my favourite part of a pamper evening, the skincare. My skin is what suffers the most if I don’t take care of myself, with serious breakouts and blackheads galore. So it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that my Botanics All Bright Face Scrub* (full review of Botanics range HERE) is my go to scrub at the moment. It clears all the gung out of your pores without completely stripping my face of its natural oils.

After that it’s facemask time! There’s a bit of a clay theme, but clay masks are a God send. Just seems to pull every nasty out of every pore. And this Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask from Superdrug has witch hazel in it. Perfect for keeping spots and blackheads at bay.

And then finish off with a drop of moisteriser. I’m still in love with my Botanics Hydrating Day Cream* as it seems to be the only moisteriser that doesn’t make my skin try and kill itself. As I have super oily skin, moisterisers usually just make everything worse. However, after a scrub and a face mask it’s important to put that moister back into the skin.

Botanics All Bright Face Scrub, Botanics Hydrating Day Cream and Superdrugs Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

Et voila! Pamper session complete. Let me know your pamper must haves!

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*I was gifted some of these products, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. I love a good pamper day once a week 😀 A mask is such a must have for me! Oh and I try to squeeze in a steam session as well 🙂

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