Setting Myself Some April Goals

6th April 2018

As we’re already firmly in April, it just echoes why these goals need to be put out into the Internet. Because then I’ll actually have to be accountable for my actions, and not just able fanny around like I usually do.

But in all seriousness, yo girl has had food poisoning and it’s been devastating – there’s so much uneaten Easter chocolate it’s almost shameful. TGI Fridays has betrayed my trust, and that in itself is so sad.

Anyway, yes, goals. Go.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour

I would blame it on the clocks going back, however that would be a blatant lie. I’ve been progressively going to bed later, and later and later. And not actually having anything to show for it.

Just casually staying up until 1am on a work night, watching Instagram videos of v talented dancers, the Kardashians and people getting surprised with puppies.

Well no more, unless I’m finishing some blog work then I am to be in bed by 11pm at the latest. A solid 8 hours sleep? What would that be like?

Engage in Twitter conversations

I often see ‘Blogger Chats’ on scheduled days and times, and it looks like such a lovely way to interact and find new and exciting people. Also get your name out there a little more if that’s yo’ thang.

However, it’s just something I’ve never done. If we’re dealing in home-truths I usually just stroll through my feed to discover a chat has come to an end at least 2 hours ago. And I feel it would be somewhat sad/creepy if I then proceeded to get involved after the fact.

So at least 1 chat a week, I’m going to set my alarm for to properly involved.


I’m an avid double tapper on Instagram, and believe that you should throw around those hearts like they’re going out of style. But I very seldom comment on anyone’s work. I’ll often think ‘guuuurl *insert fire emoji*’ when someone is slaying in their latest upload. But never take the 3 seconds to type it out.

So from now on, if you get a double tap from moi, expect to see a cheeky lil accompanying comment.

Take more photos

In the past few weeks looking through family albums, gazing through memories and remembering the good times has been very potent. And has bought me so much joy.

I look to the last few years and notice that I have very few photos, of family, friends, happy times in general. And if I do, they’re stored away on my iPhone just waiting to be lost forever in the mystery that is the cloud.

So I will be taking photos that dun dun dun, aren’t actually all for the blog.

What’re your goals for April?

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3 responses to “Setting Myself Some April Goals”

  1. loving the photo! and such an amazing goals, good luck and keep it up!

    Do check out my latest post thank you! 🌸

  2. These seem like pretty good goals to me 😃

  3. I’m so sorry about you being sick! Food poisoning is the worst, you feel like you’d be better off dead. I was so good about going to bed early but I’ve been naughty for the past few weeks, going close to or after midnight which is not enough for me at all. I need to be in bed super early if I’m to function properly the next day. It’s like you say, the Kardashians can suck you into a black hole and next time you check the clock it’s 1 a.m 😂 I didn’t know about this blogger chats, are you doing a post about them? I would love to know more and maybe participate 😊❤️

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