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20th April 2018

The fear of breaking my phone is so deeply set that if I fell over holding my phone and heard a crack, I would hope it’s my leg. To stop this from happening I have to have a glass protector, as a shattered screen isn’t a cute look. And a ‘bouncy case with a lip’ so if I drop it on any terrain it won’t crack. A phone has become almost a v glamorous (and expensive) accessory, one that we measure status and success through unintentionally.

Have you seen anyone recently with an iPhone 5 that wasn’t your mum? Didn’t think so.

As my contract isn’t up for renewal until the end of the year, I’m sporting a mint condition iPhone 6S – which almost seems archaic now. So to distract from the fact that I am poor and cannot afford an iPhone X the lovely people at CaseApp contacted me to see if I would like to customise my own case. And I think we can all guess the answer.

My selection

They have a huge selection of premade cases, not to mention the option to create your own custom iPhone case, laptop skin or iPad skin. As my v basic, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to slap my initials on a premade pink and gold marble effect case. Y’know for those mirror selfies when I want to look respectable and aesthetically pleasing.

selfie with a CaseApp case

I also designed my own, and when I say designed I found some #goals lashes and brows on the Internet and popped them on the top. And to make me oh so original, why not add my initials for a second time? Just in case I have a hard time remembering one day. And I’ve designated this to be my ‘sassy case’, including and not limited to; hardcore trout pouting and deuces fo’ dayz.

selfie with a CaseApp case

And in true Jade fashion, I chose the ‘tough’ option when selecting what case I would like. As it has the all so important lip around the edge and feels like it could now withstand an almighty tumble. Which brings me more joy then what is deemed as normal.

The experience

The website is beyond easy to use, just select what phone you have and you’re either greeted with an overwhelming amount of adorable and unique designs. Or you can completely customise your own, and there’s even stickers and backgrounds you can use for inspiration. I would highly recommend the ‘tough’ option as I really do feel that my phone is secure and cute AF.

They ship to a huge variety of countries, meaning that everyone is included. My cases were shipped the very next day once I’d ordered them, and arrived through my letter box 2 days after that. And can we just appreciate that they actually arrived in an appropriate sized box. Cos, ain’t no one got time for masses of recycling when the free bags are only delivered once a month.

Giveaway & discount code

And what would this post be without telling you that the beaut team at CaseApp and I are hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram (click HERE to go and see how you can win your own case).

And if you can’t be bothered with that and would just rather get your own straight away, if you use BELLA20 at the checkout you’ll get 20% off. How bloody glorious is that?

Go and check out their site to see what all the fuss is about.

*This post is sponsored by CaseApp, however all thoughts are my own*

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