Bubbles & Burgers At Absurd Bird – Spitalfield London

17th April 2018

It’s finally happened. I’ve finally taken that millennial/blogger leap and experienced my first ever ‘bottomless brunch’. And I feel that I am at last part of a club that I am about 5 years late to.

Myself and 2 of my bestest gallies decided that a Saturday London brunch was in order, seeing as we haven’t all been able to get the same date in the diary since before Christmas. SHAME. SHAME.

And seeing as yours truly is a big ol’ fuss pot when it comes to breakfast food. By fuss pot, I mean I don’t like eggs or avocado. Soooo, that excludes essentially everywhere in 2018. So an American style joint it was. And Absurd Bird has an IG that is drool worthy, so there really was no option but to book us into the Spitalfield branch.


We all went for the ‘Bottomless Brunch’ menu, it would be rude not to right? It’s the option of 2 courses and ‘bottomless’ alcoholic drinks for £35 or £25 for 2 ‘virgin’ courses if boozing isn’t yo ‘thang.

I think you’re either a starter or dessert person, you don’t usually find someone who has equal preference. And I am most definitely a dessert kinda gal, so with the starter scrapped we went straight into mains. With all of us having the Crispy Fried Chicken Burger with fries, and my lord was it delicious.

It came with BBQ sauce, coleslaw and mayo and every aspect of it was perfection. The chicken was perfectly cooked, with the crunchy coating and the chicken within being melt in the mouth tender. The fries were perfectly salted and crisp, and everything seemed freshly made. Not cooked a couple of weeks ago and waiting for you under a heat lamp (*cough* Whetherspoons *cough*).

Absurd Bird Crispy chicken burger

absurd bird


And even if the food tasted like crap, the fact it was presented on rose gold crockery would have made it at least 37% better.

And for dessert I had the Caramel Waffle, which was without a doubt one of the most delicious morsels I’ve ever consumed. I was genuinely a lil heartbroken as I was taking my last mouthful. It was 2 waffles (perfectly cooked may I add) either side of a maaaassive scoop of the richest caramel ice cream. And it was just heavenly.

The girls both had the Peanut Butter Cheesecake, which also looked divine, yet I still feel I made the best choice – obvs. When the desserts came over you could smell the peanut butter straight away, the filling looked so smooth and creamy and there was genuinely not a word exchanged while the desserts were in front of us. We played hard ball.

absurd bird caramel waffle absurd bird caramel waffle absurd bird peanut butter cheesecake


When they say ‘bottomless’ presecco, I took that to mean you’d have a bottle on your table and the staff would ignore you for a while, so you didn’t drink the joint dry. NOT THE BLOODY CASE. You pay your extra £10 for your bottomless drink, and that’s exactly what happens, you never finish one.

The staff are constantly going around and topping off everyone’s glass. Both the best and worst thing imaginable. I couldn’t even hesitate a guess of how many glasses I had, but I had one hell of a headache later on that evening let me tell ya.

I also had a lot of time for the fact there was an assortment to choose from, including beer, Moonshine Mary (like a Bloody Mary – a firm no from me), soft drinks, ginger beer and a Virgin Mary (again, a big no thank you). So you really could bring anyone and everyone.


All in all, I would rate it a solid 7/10. The food was fabulous, the presecco was even more fabulous. However, there was slight confusion with our table. Which resulted in a deposit being taken from my card, and us being greeted, shall we say, in a slightly miffed manner by the member of staff that sat us. Which was us facing the wall, a bit bizarre but we got over it.

The interior wasn’t my vibe at all, it was very dark and rustic looking. Which meant that no matter how hard I tried and how much I edited I could not for love nor money get a decent snap. And that alone p*ssed me off. #bloggerproblems. Just imagine everything being wooden and you’re half way there. However I’m fairly certain that if we went to another branch it would be a totally different story. I would highly recommend Absurd Bird and am raring to go for my next brunch date.

Where’s your favourite place for brunch?

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