Turning 24 – Birthday Present Haul

1st July 2017

Hello, hello, hello my babies! As some of you may know if you follow my Instagram, it was my birthday 27th June and I turned the grand old age of 24. I had such a lovely day, doing what I love most; spending time with my family and of course, eating and blogging! It was glorious. Now as you may have guessed from the title, I thought it would be fun to share what beautiful gifts I was given as these are some of my favourite blogs to read. Yet this is in no way, shape or form to brag! So let’s get into turning 24 – birthday present haul:

Mulberry handbag

I was incredibly spoilt by my Mumma this year and she paid half towards a stunning secondhand Mulberry handbag which I’ve been lusting after as long as I can remember. This style of bag is called a ‘Bayswater’ and I wanted a classic, and sophisticated colour so I went with traditional black. I cannot wait to fill it with all my rubbish and feel like a fancy lady.

black Bayswater Mulberry handbag

Vivienne Westwood necklace

Can we talk about how pretty this is please? There may have been some subtle hinting to the boyfriend/ not so subtle. I’m absolutely in love with how simple it is, with just the trademark orb in a beautiful gold colour. It hasn’t come off my neck since I opened it.

Vivienne Westwood gold necklace

Ne-Yo tickets

EEEEEK! I. Fricken. Love. Ne-Yo! I’ve had a little obsession with his music since I was about 13, I don’t think there’s a song of his I don’t instantly love and try and learn all the words to. So when I unwrapped these from the boyfriend, there may have been a little squeal. The show isn’t until September up in London, but that gives me plenty of time to create a playlist as long as my arm and learn all the words.Β The boy did SO good!

tickets to see Ne-Yo in concert

Birchbox subscription

From my sissy bear, she actually got me a years subscription to Birchbox – which I’ve been thinking about investing in myself. She knows how obsessed I am with all things makeup and beauty (shocker right?!) and this way I get to try a whole host of new and exciting products that I may have never found or thought to buy myself, so I’m so excited to see what the year brings. And keep your eyes peeled for a post to see what’s inside hehe.


Who doesn’t adore perfume and candles?! And I’m so ready to get my newest candle on the go as it’s ‘Clean Cotton’ which is my favourite. It’s so fresh and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So as it is my favourite, the reed defuser also found it’s way to me – so now my room can smell AMAZING all the time. I also got DKNY Woman which is a lovely ‘Earthy’ scent, it isn’t my typical floral girly choice but I’m excited to switch it up. And I also got Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme which is right up my street, with fruity and vanilla notes – which is everything you want in a girly perfume. So I’m dying to use these, and smell like a dream.

yankee candle in clean cotton, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme perfume, DKNY perfume and Yankee candle clean cotton defuser

I also got a bit of money from other members of my family, which is so lovely of them and then all the chocolatey goodness! I’ve been so incredibly spoilt this year, and I can’t thank everyone who made my day so special. Keeping my fingers crossed that 24 is an exciting and happy year!

As always thank you so much for reading, please follow me if you enjoyed this post. Be sure to also check out my InstagramΒ for exclusive content! I love you all, and I’ll see you next time xxx


6 responses to “Turning 24 – Birthday Present Haul”

  1. Kerri says:

    The necklace is gorgeous! I had a crush on Ne-Yo too back in the day 😜 You should definitely blog how the concert went in September if you can 😊 Happy belated birthday!

    • bellainizio says:

      Awh thank you angel. I love it too! Hehehe there’s no shame in it 😜 I defiantly plan on it, there’ll be a lot of fan girl screams hehe πŸ™Š xx

  2. What a lovely haul! Loved the necklace, hope you had a lovely birthday 😘

  3. yeonandbee says:

    Wow, I adore that Mulberry bag! Great choice!

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