In Flight Essentials: A Pain Free Flight

21st August 2018

The airport is like marmite. Either you love it or you hate it. To some, it’s the start of your holiday and part of the whole experience. And to others it’s pretty similar to being shuttled around like cattle and unnecessarily spending money in those 2 hours before your flight.

I’m very much on team love. I get so excited to get myself all ready and packed, having a completely uncalled for 4am brekkie in Garfunkels and passport in hand from the second I walk into the terminal. However, any journey is going to be a visit to fresh hell if you’re not prepared.

As a bit of a seasoned flyer seeing as my papa lives in Portugal, I seemed to have narrowed down exactly what it is I’ll want/need on any flight regardless of the duration. Although if I’m on there more than about 6 hours I will need to be one of those people that ‘goes for a walk around the plane’ and possibly a nap if you don’t want me whining about how tired I am for the first 3 days of the trip.


What is any kind of journey without snacks? Not one I want to be a part of, merci beaucoup. And there isn’t much I love more than getting a massive packet of Malteasers when they come around with the cart. I may have to take out a small loan or name my first born Rumpelstiltskin, but that’s neither here nor there. So cash is a must.

Reading material

Why wait until you’re on your sun-lounger to start delving into that book you’ve been saving for your holiday? Start now. Or like me, buy tonnes of trashing magazines in WHSmith before you get on the plane. Catch up on your gossip, start the relaxation as early as you can. You’re on your holidays, do what cha want.


As much as I like flicking through magazines and reading about how a guy somewhere has married a vintage car. There’s a limit to how much I want to know about how he and said car have ‘relations’. And so the IPad comes out. Whether it’s some documentaries I’ve downloaded, listening to my holiday playlist or going onto the notes and jotting down some blog ideas. My IPad has been my single best investment (alongside my camera, love ya boo) in the past few years. And I cannot recommend them more, especially if you’re into your travelling.

Beauty bits

Lip balm. Lipstick. Deodorant and hand sanitiser. The only beauty bits that I need (on my flight anyway). Planes and their recycled air are the definition of germsville. I know so many people that have caught a cold on the plane journey out and it has ruined their holiday. Nah you’re alright, hand sanitiser all day long. The recycled air also makes my lips recoil into themselves they get so dry, so a heavy duty lip balm is to be slathered on at all times. And lipstick, because it’s pretty and I need to distract from the fact I’m not wearing any other kind of makeup. And deodorant, because ain’t no one got time for BO.


3 responses to “In Flight Essentials: A Pain Free Flight”

  1. I love flying but I’m a nightmare hand luggage packer. I overpack with like three books, a journal, deodorant, toothpaste, my own plastic reusable water bottle (empty of course), kindle (even though I have three books), etc etc…it’s a wonder I can carry my bag 🤣🤣 I have no idea why I do it either. I think it’s just my childish over excitement 🤣🤣 really relatable, funny post though thanks for sharing!! 😊

  2. I honestly can’t go anywhere without a books, but I do love visiting WHSmith whilst waiting for my flight and picking a new read. I feel like it’s an extra bit to the holiday !

  3. Great post Jade! I always bring a book with the intention of reading it and getting cultured but always end up with my head right back with my mouth wide open. My Inflight essentials would just read “SNACKS” 😛 haha

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