June Favourites

6th July 2017

Shalom my loves! It's June favourites time, as if we're over half way through the year now … I haven't come to terms with it yet. However, I have got some new and exciting things I've been loving throughout the month, so lets get straight into it!


Now I've already harped on about these 2 products, but I couldn't not talk about them again as they've all I've been wearing throughout the whole month! From casual work looks, to full blown birthday glam! And of course it's the Skin Kiss is the shade Ice Kiss and Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette both from Makeup Revolution. Who have absolutely stolen my heart and wages this month! Everything about them from pigmentation to price is out of this world. I used both of these products on my birthday night out and the amount of compliments I received was unreal. If you'd like to see my full review on either of them, follow the links – Skin Kiss Review & Flawless 3 Palette.

Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Eyeshadow Palette and Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss in Ice Kiss


If you follow my Instagram you'll know that I recently got my hair done, and with that comes a whole host of bleach and dry hair. To top it off, the fear of spending all that money and then for it to go brassy and nasty. And I for one am not a fan of wasting money! So I invested in the PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver, Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner. And let me tell you, they're fabulous. Not only is it amazing at keeping the brightness of your treated hair, it starts to repair the damage. And the smell … oh the smell. I use this combination every other wash, but I don't think it'll be too much longer before it's every wash. I'm in love.

My hair was in preparation for my birthday which was 27th June, but I'm also going on holiday 7th July. And that's where this next item comes in. As one of my birthday gifts I received the Elemis Tan Accelerator, which you're to use daily for a week or so before your holiday to prepare your skin for sun exposure. I've been using it since my birthday and I can already see that my skin has a healthy glow, without any serious tan time being invested. So I'm excited to see what kind of a difference this will make when I'm away, as I always make it my personal mission to come back as dark as I can. So anything that will assist me on this dream, I'm all for!

Pro:voke Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner and Elemis Tan Accelerator


And what is a monthly favourites without something random? And this month, that is 'Leg, Bums & Tums' classes. Again, in preparation for my holiday I've been trying to get bikini ready. I've been going to these classes twice a week a few months. The first month was intense, and I constantly ached. However, I've found my stride and I'm seeing some results. Every session is different, so it never becomes repetitive. You're pushed to your limit for 30 minutes, which doesn't sound impressive. When your eyes have sweat in them, 30 minutes is a life time. I couldn't recommend them more highly if you want an intense workout, and they are definitely a part of my routine now. I'm a new woman!

And there we are, another month down and another month of new and exciting products! Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoyed this post than please be sure to follow me for future posts. Also be sure to check out my Instagram for exclusive content! Until next time my angels xxx


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  1. Such an informative post. Makeup Revolution is the one of the best brands if you want quality and don’t want to splurge your budget

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