Things You Need In Your Travel Beauty Bag

23rd September 2017

For everyone who’s ever said to me, ‘your handbag weighs a tonne, what’ve you got in there?’ the answer is simple. A whole host of beauty goodies, that is absolutely necessary to carry on my person at all times. I genuinely have a bit of a fear of getting caught out. I had a work party/drinks soiree around last Autumn time and I rocked up to work completely oblivious it was this particular day. In my jeans, jumper and minimal makeup. It came to the end of the day and the girls scuttled off the toilets, all emerged in full glam makeup and had slapped some heels on. Oh c**p. Not only did I look like a troll, I had been at work all day so wasn’t feeling to fresh either. I desperately rummaged through my handbag only to find 3 different types of chap stick, and a pressed powder that had been in there before I even started this job. I made a point of never ever letting myself get in that situation again, and thus the travel beauty bag was born. So let’s get into my must have travel goodies.

Hygiene & Hair

It’s my personal belief that there is no reason for poor hygiene. And if someone smells, my opinion of them changes drastically. So I always carry with me:

Deodorant: I don’t feel clean unless I’ve had a good spray of deodorant, so I ALWAYS carry a miniture with me and I love the Nivea Invisible deodorant. It doesn’t leave any residue on my clothes and smells divine.

Hand sanitiser: as a bit of a clean freak, most people don’t wash their hands enough to my standards. Thus the Cuticura Original hand sanitiser is always to hand!

Portable perfume: this is such a neat little invention, so basically take off the lid of your favourite perfume and pump it into this little baby and viola. You’re favourite perfume, portable!

Fold up hairbrush: my hair seems to become matted without me moving, and as I have quite silky hair if it isn’t kept brushed it lays so limply on my head. So to boost it up and make me look more put together, gotta keep those locks brushed.

Makeup Base

Shout out to all my fellow oily babes! More often than not, within a few hours of putting my makeup on it needs to be topped up as the oils start to rear their head. So this is why I carry:

Miniature foundation: I have been loving the Benefit Hello Oxygen Foundation as it’s light and breathable, but covers that you want it to cover. And it seems to stay locked in place and oils at bay as it is quite light – winner winner!

Setting powder: with any liquid foundation, it’ll need to be set if you want to remain matte and flawless for longer. And where would I be without my Collection Primed & Ready Setting Powder? It is translucent so won’t change your shade, it’s beautifully mattifying and it has witch hazel to reduce redness. Can it get any better?

Minature highlighter: highlighter really can change your whole look. If you pack it onto your cheek bones and brow bones, it looks like you’ve really made an effort and have a gorgeous ‘my skin is perfect’ look. With minimal effort! And the Benefit High Beam is one of the best out there! With it’s champagne/pearl shade it blends seamlessly and it insanely reflective.


Slapping on a bit of lipstick is the finishing touch for me when getting ready. It ties your look all together and really is an quick fix to looking like you’ve made the effort. To cover all my basis I always have:

Nude lipstick: I adore MAC’s Blankety! It seems to work with any makeup look and any outfit, a must have!

Dark lipstick: one of my favourite darker shades is MAC’s Whirl. It’s such a gorgeous 90s browny/red shade and brings some drama to your look within a few seconds.

Chapstick: and how could I forget chap stick? Especially in the Winter months when your lips cracking is a real thread, I got my Dr.PawPaw Original Balm in my September Birchbox and I have been obsessed. It’s so hydrating and thick, I highly recommend.

Let me know what your travel beauty bag is packed with!

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  1. I will probably get dr.paw paw lip balm since everyone is talking about it!!!
    The MAC lipstick shades are lovely and everyday colours which I love❤️

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