Primark Makeup Tools Review

2nd June 2017

Hello babies! I think all of us have seen the hype that’s around the new makeup that Primark have launched. Yet I haven’t seen much talk about the makeup tools that go alongside, and with nothing over £2.50 I have to know what they’re about. (I’ve linked the products where I can, but not all are on the Primark website). Let’s get into the Primark makeup tools review!

PS..PRO Non Latex Flat Edge Blender, RRP £2.00

As soon as I saw this I immediately thought of the Real Technique sponges, as the shape of the two is completely identical. As soon as I took it out of its packaging I managed to put a little tear in the sponge. So be warned. However, as soon as I used it to apply my foundation I completely feel in love. This blender is a lot firmer than the Real Techniques version, and I felt that not as much product was being absorbed. As a result of this my foundation went on flawlessly. I’m literally obsessed. And at well over half the price of the Real Techniques one, there could be so competition!

PS.. 2 Pack Silicone Sponge, RRP £2.00

I’ve never tried a silicone sponge because so I thought at £2.00 now would be a chance to try. And in conclusion I don’t know how I feel. It could be me just not understanding how silicone sponges work, but it felt like hard work to put my foundation on. It seemed to have to be spread around the face rather than blending it in. So I’ll have to play around some more … watch this space!

PS.. Eye Contour Brush, RRP £1.00

This brush is honestly so good considering its price tag! It does a fabulous job at blending out any harshness with your eyeshadow as it’s really very fluffy. It holds onto product well and it really doesn’t take much work to blend your look out. Solid job!

PS.. Fan Highlighter Brush, RRP £1.50

I’m in 2 minds with this brush. It did such an amazing job of putting my highlight down the centre of my nose as it’s so thin. However, when it came to cheek bone time I had to really work hard to build up the glow that I wanted. This could be again, because it is so thin. But at £1.50 who am I to complain about anything?!

PS.. Angled & Tapered Powder Brush, RRP £2.50

I’m not usually into the whole, double ended brush as I feel like there’s no real way to store them properly. Yet I am so willing to make an exception for this little beauty. The angled side for doing my contour was literally one of the best experiences of my life. I’m usually AWFUL at applying my powder contour as it seems to go so well on my right cheek and so terrible on my left. Not this time! This brush managed to get right in the hollows of my cheeks with literally no fall out. It was so precise and sharp, if I hadn’t of just done my mascara I would have cried. And the tapered brush did such an amazing job of setting my under eyes, it was so soft and blended so nicely. I just love it.


For the price of these products, they’re very good quality! Not only that they’re so pretty with their copper hard-wear, they would be perfect for beginners finding their feet or anyone for that matter. I’m still not over how good they are for how much I paid. Well done Primark, you’ve done it again!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Primark beauty range and your thoughts on them! Follow the link at the bottom for future posts and head over to my Instagram for daily nonsense! Thank you as always for reading, and I’ll see you all next time! xx


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