3 Thoughts of a Southerner in the North

5th June 2017

Aloha my babies!Recently I went on my visit to the ‘proper’ North. I spent my weekend in Liverpool and man o’ man did I notice, we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. Being a typical Southerner from the outskirts of London here are my top 3 thoughts of a Southerner in the North that I thought I would share:

Everyone is so nice

Now I don’t know if I was just lucky and didn’t meet anyone particularly awful, but I noticed how friendly everyone is. They’ll ask you about your day, enquire where your accent is from, wish you a nice rest of your day, apologise for bumping into you … WHERE AM I!? If I attempted to do this in London I would be more likely to receive a punch to the throat over anything else.

No one gives two s**ts

There were multiple people walking around with their rollers in, in their pyjamas just strolling around the shops. If this happened in London, people would assume you’re on drugs and give you a wide birth. I had all the time in the world for it.

Accent and slang

I became incredibly aware of my VERY southern accent, I felt like it could be heard for miles around. And without meaning to, I could feel myself sounding more and more southern. I addressed several people as ‘mate’ … I don’t think I’ve ever called anyone mate in a serious sense. Not only that, there were so many words that were being thrown at me that I’ve never even heard, like ‘brassic’ and ‘hinny’ … I still don’t know what they mean. It’s like another language.

And there we have it, the real difference between southerners and northerners. Be sure to follow for future posts and take a peak at my Instagram! Until next time my lovelies xx


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