Half Yearly Check In | How Are My 2018 Goals Going?

10th July 2018

So at the very beginning of the year, high on the amount of pigs in blankets and Celebrations (the Malteaser ones, obvs) I’d consumed within 4 days, I jotted down some goals I wanted to achieve for the year.

I’ve never really been one of those ‘LET’S GET OUT AND SMASH IT’ type of girls. I’m pretty chilled out, almost to a fault, so I need to hold myself accountable or else I’m in a permanent state of ‘oh I’ve been scrolling through Twitter for 5 hours again’.

We are now into the depths of July, meaning that we are over half way through the year and I am low key freaking out about how fast this year is going. So what better time to check in on my 2018 goals and see how they’re panning out?

Move out

Well. We’re getting there. Saving like it’s going out of fashion and we are on track to be out and settled by year end. The thought of having cosy evenings, Christmas and enough space to store my shed load of shit in our own place is mega exciting.


Pass my driving test

Driving test? Completed it mate. Something that I honestly never thought would happen, and a huge, fat, juicy tick next to one of this years, and my overall life goals in all honesty.

I don’t have my own car, and I’m not insured on Ben’s just yet but give it a couple of months and you’ll hear the distant screams of people jumping to safety. Comin’ through biiiiiatches.


Now. I somehow thought it was possible to have 5,000 Twitter followers and 3,000 Instagram followers by the end of the year, lol lol lol. I could potentially be on track with Twitter as I’m at 3,500 now and it’s a damn sight easier to grow your following on Twitter.

And then we have Insta. It’s taken me 6 months to get 300 followers, bringing me to a grand total of 1,900. Unless I got a shoutout from Kylie Jenner, the chances are looking pretty bloody slim.

But miracles happen everyday, Megan and Dr Alex are still in the villa for example. (How in the helling hell has that been allowed to happen? Your time is very much up.)

Spend more quality time with people

This is something that I feel I’ve made a massive leap with. As I am so laid back, I can be – for lack of a better word – lazy. And I f’ing hate that word. I’ve been known to not talk to Ben for periods of time if he calls me lazy.

However, I have been very organized and actually utilizing my diary and filling up my evenings and weekends catching up with friends, seeing my family and even booking a spur of the minute trip to go and see my papa in Portugal for a week.

While this year has been one of the most challenging for me already, there are plans in place. There are wonderful friends and a spectacular family who all have my back. Keeping my fingers crossed that the momentum carries on, and the next time I check into my goals I’ve made even more progress.

Have you achieved any of your 2018 goals yet?


6 responses to “Half Yearly Check In | How Are My 2018 Goals Going?”

  1. Joy says:

    yay congrats on getting your driving license, congrats on all of your achievements in general!! Great post xx

  2. Sarah says:

    Seems like you’re really getting on with your goals which is amazing! I loved this post so I’m going to be writing one of my own this week too since I do think it’s important to stay on top of your goals and not just write them to never look at them again!


  3. alattestyle says:

    Instagram has gone so downhill with all the businesses and constant advertising, it’s extremely hard to grow a handle at this rate! 🙁

  4. morgiereacts says:

    So proud of you babe! You are amazing 😍 my goal is to be as quality as you xx

  5. makeuparmor says:

    7 months into the year and I’d say you’re doing awesome! Keep it up girl! 😊

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love this post idea, and well done with all of your goals. I will definitely have to go back to my mine and do a post on how many I’ve (hopefully) achieved 🙂 I love your writing style too!

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