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6th October 2017

Insert cliché about how this year has flown by, it’s now freezing cold but we’re all loving the fashion at the moment. But seriously though, as if we’re into October now, three more months and we’re into 2018 – ew. September is always one of my favourite, and busiest months, it seems to be the world’s and its wife’s birthdays. And it becomes acceptable (in my opinion) to start planning Christmas, #soznotsoz. So without further ado, let the September 2017 favourites begin!

Too-Faced Love Eye Shadow Palette

Even if this palette didn’t have the most gorgeous shades for this time of year, this was a steal. I found this little gem buried in the depths of the makeup bin in TK Maxx. Yes, you heard my right, TK Maxx. In Debenhams this little baby would set you back £39.99, pretty average for a high-end eye shadow palette right? Nah, I paid £14.99. You best believe I ran to the till incase it was some kind of joke, PLZ TAKE MY MONEY.what is a 1:1 watch replica

In all seriousness though, this is one of my first luxury eye shadow palettes and the quality speaks for itself. The shades are so buttery and pigmented, I adore the shades as it ties in with most of the Autumnal vibes I’ve had going on recently. However, I dislike the fact that the 3 bottom shades are basically all the same, just with different intense names. Yes we have left to right; Amorous, Obsessed and Everlasting. Who chooses these names?!

Too-Faced Love Eye Shadow Palette

Lip Duo

If you checked out my Autumn Makeup Look you’ll see that I used my NYX Suede Lip Liner in the shade Los Angeles, and my MAC Whirl Lipstick. I haven’t stopped wearing this combination since then. It just seems to go with everything, and I feel sassy and sophisticated AF. I’m feeling this brown/muted red thing that’s come on trend this year, it can stay, I approve.

MAC Whirl Lipstick & NYX Suede Lip Liner in Los Angeles

Primark Clutch Bag

It’s no secret that I fricken adore Primark, it’s my happy place. If you really look hard enough, and look past the label they do some absolutely magical things in there for a fraction of the price. And this beauty is no exception. If you’re willing to part with £5.00 you can grab yourself this. A blush pink, velvet, twist tie clutch. It may as well say #baggoals on the front. It is everything and more a lowly fashion wannabe like myself could dream of. I have visions of it paired with ankle grazer ripped jeans, a plain white t-shirt, a leather jacket and some boot heels.

Primark blush pink velvet clutch bag

Black Mirror TV Series

I’m so late to this party. It’s the equivalent of turning up to Slug & Lettuce on Saturday night when they turn the lights on the kick everyone out. LORD ABOVE HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS? Boyf and myself completely blitz every episode, it’s so cleverly done and is so thought provoking. A basic overview is that every episode is different, they’re slightly futuristic, slightly focusing on parallel universes, slightly on hot topic. You need to watch. Just go, go right now.

Let me know your September faves!

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3 responses to “September 2017 Favourites | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle”

  1. Siyana says:

    I’ve seen a few people finding the same palette in TK Maxx, yet I’ve visited 2 stores and there isn’t any left 🙁

  2. lifeofangela says:

    Great favourites! I absolutely love Black Mirror! Each episode is such a mind trip!

  3. I love that Primark clutch huni…It is the perfect colour😍😍

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