Current Haircare Routine

1st August 2017

Hey there lovelies! So 18 months ago I decided that I wanted to switch up my hair after a horrendous home highlighting kit incident – A.A. Milne called, he wants Tigger back. My natural hair is a very ordinary mousy brown colour and I myself couldn’t justify anything high maintenance and thus the love affair with balayage began. And here is my current haircare routine.

I absolutely loved it and still love it 18 months on, although I do not love parting with £100 every 6 months. However, as amazing as it looks after my hair endured that much bleach it was in a horrendous state. It was dry and brittle and sad. As this was my first experience with hair treatment, I wasn’t ready for just how bad a condition my hair would be in. It looked lovely, but to touch and style was utter hell. Some serious hair care was needed.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I could pretty much hear my hair screaming at how thirsty it was, and so I began to use Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner with every wash. I only put conditioner on the middle to ends of my hair, as I have naturally oily hair so conditioner on the roots is a no go. Making sure I left it to soak in for as long as humanly possible. Along with the amazing, classic scent I felt that I could actually feel the products working. As the consistency is almost like jelly, it’s extremely thick and hydrating – like it’s sticking your split ends back together.

Deep Conditioning

And twice a week I would do a deep conditioning mask routine. For this I would use the Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask and with the same principle, leave it in as long as possible. If I remembered to put a plastic bag on my hair, to keep the heat in and really get deep into the hair. Much like the Aussie products it has the classic scent from Toni & Guy, the texture is again very thick and rich. I like to brush my fingers through my hair with the mask on, to smooth out any frizziness and make it easier to deal with when it comes to drying.


When my hair was damp or just in need of some hydration I would use the Lee Stafford Argonoil Nourishing Miracle Oil to smooth out frizziness and soothe any breakage or split ends. Do this by putting a pea sized amount into your hands and smoothing that through the hair that needs attention/taming. And before styling my hair I use the Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist, spraying that all over my hair and brushing it out so there is an even distribution of product and leaving it to soak in for a few seconds before continuing with my styling or lack of.

Current Hair Care Routine

Let me know your haircare gems! Always on the look out as a real sucker for product! If you enjoyed this post please be sure to follow me for future entries. Let’s be friends on social media too, follow the links below! Love you all xx

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  1. I use the same conditioner and mask as you – that mask is just amazing! Great post 🙂 xx

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  3. Love your hair color, balayage is amazing!

  4. Quinn says:

    Your hair is beautiful! Makes me want to go get balayage and also buy a curling iron…

  5. Lovely post! I am in love with your hair colour by the way!

    My Blog: (i follow back xo)

  6. I love the Aussie shampoo and also the conditioner! Awesome post!

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