How To Have The Perfect, Lazy Sunday

21st January 2018

I’m in two minds about Sunday. It is simultaneously the best and worst day of the week. It’s like a beaut pair of heels, they’re fantastic for the first half of your evening, and after that you’re ready to launch them into the nearest bush.

Sunday is the one day of the week I completely turn my brain off and unwind, but then it gets to around 8pm and the ‘plz Jesus no, I have to go back to work’ thought pops into my head.

So to distract from the impending doom that is 7am on a Monday morning, you have to have the perfect lazy Sunday right? Right.

A step by step of the perfect, lazy Sunday

  1. Do not put an alarm on and let yourself wake up naturally so you feel like a sparkly queen. And even then don’t get up straight away, lay there for a while. Scroll through Insta, get lost in the depths of Twitter and allow yourself to properly wake up.
  2. Have a kiddie breakfast. Get some Coco Pops/Frosties/whatever sugary, delicious breakfast cereal your heart desires and eat it out of the biggest bowl you can find.
  3. While we’re on the subject of cereal, make some Rice Crispy/Corn Flake cakes as the perfect snack later on in the day. Top tip, pop those babies in the freezer and they’ll set before you can say ‘I love carbs’.
  4. Having a bubble bath and hair-wash, being completely squeaky clean and then get into fresh pjs.
  5. Bring your duvet onto the sofa. Is there anything more satisfying than creating your own little den for the day? I think not.
  6. Binge watch a brand new series or documentary. I’ve recently started a love affair with Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix. Sweet Mary & Joseph it’s good if you’re into the humble crime series.
  7. Read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up for the past 4 months. Preferably in your duvet den with a rice crispy cake in hand, but I suppose anything is automatically 1000x better in a duvet den suppled with rice crispy cakes.
  8. Slather yourself in a face mask. And maybe even a cheeky eye mask. The more hideous you can make yourself look the better. Because everyday should be a happy skin day.
  9. Have a mid afternoon nap, and pray that when you awake someone has made you the mother of all roast dinners.

What are your tips for the perfect lazy Sunday?

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7 responses to “How To Have The Perfect, Lazy Sunday”

  1. This is just the post I needed to read today! Now I’m off to dig out the best face mask I can find 😀 x

  2. outnaboutweb says:

    Couldn’t agree more! We all need a little bit of coziness on sundays, don’t we?
    love, elena

  3. Ella May Garrett says:

    Been binge reading your posts today and I am loving it! Definitely had a lazy sunday today and it was perfect and exactly what I needed!

  4. lifeisaseasyas says:

    Great tips! A lazy Sunday is a great way to end the week x

  5. I’m definitely keeping this post in mind for next Sunday ♡

  6. This sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! 💕 xx

  7. I loved una bomber , Paul Bettany was brilliant in it.

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