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23rd November 2017

As I approach the 9 month mark since I started blogging, I still class myself as a complete novice. There is so much I still don’t know, and in all honesty, I think I’m still to find my voice. I’m slowly coming out of my shell with regards to the blogging world, however for reasons that I underlined in ‘the meaning behind Bella Inizio’ I’m still rather sheepish. Nevertheless, in the past few weeks I’ve taken a leap forward and actively telling people, even those I don’t class as my BFFL, about my blog. It takes up so much of my free time, and I’m so incredibly proud that I don’t want to shy away anymore. And throughout the 9 months, I’ve made some serious observations.

People’s reactions

I’m still yet to tell the world and his cat about my blogging, but the people I have told have been a total mixed bag of reactions. First we have the ‘what does that mean?’ bunch, they’re a bit sceptical, a bit judgemental and a bit intimidated by the concept of putting your thoughts onto the internet. And they will escalate into either of the following categories: the ‘OMG tell me more’, these are my fav people. They’re so supportive and interested in everything you do, and best of all they actively read your work and want to discuss with you. It’s so lovely.

And secondly the ‘oh cool’ gang, they have zero interest and will only ever acknowledge your blog if you slap them in the face with it. It’s so surprising who falls into these categories, some people who I class as fairly important in my life are the latter. And some people who I never speak to, reach out to me and congratulate me. It really is bizarre. If someone in my life was working hard on something, and they were brimming with pride about it, I would feel it’s my duty as a friend to support them. Maybe that’s just me though. If nothing else, it’s a good way of weeding out people’s negativity!


By this I’m referring to seeing the world in a different light to what I did before. Since taking the photography side of my blog semi seriously (lol), I feel as though my blinders have been taken off. I seem to notice so much more detail in everything. As well as becoming a total sucker for crisp lines and bloomin’ natural light. Natural light is the total king when it comes to photography. My editing must be appalling as there’s no amount of software that can salvage my photos if they’re taken anywhere but near a window at mid-day. And something we can all relate to, not being able to use ANYTHING without taking your photos first. God forbid we use that lipstick before we’ve whacked it in every flatlay for the next 3 weeks.

Blogging babes & blogging bitches

I’ve honestly spoken to so many amazing people, who have such amazing blogs and can’t do enough to support you. And it’s honestly fricken wonderful. I want these guys to be my best pals and take candid shots in doorways together. It’s a sense of community I’ve never experienced before, and I’m digging it. On the other side of the coin, there are 2 types of bloggers I’m not the biggest fan of.

The ‘my DA score is far too high to associate with you’ bloggers, and the ‘notice me’ bloggers. The ‘DA’ bloggers are those who have done very well for themselves, and rightly so, their blogs are usually fab. And yet, they don’t want to support or even communicate with anyone who isn’t as popular as them. I think it’s pretty selfish in all honesty. Their loyal readers are the ones that have put them where they are now. Without them reading, they’d be down here with the rest of us.

And then the ‘notice me’ bloggers, you may recognise them as the shit stirrers. They will step on whomever it takes and concoct a whole manner of BS to widen their reach and try and gain popularity. In my few months on Twitter in particular I have seen more nastiness and complete fabrication than I could have imagined. Fictitious stories have been created to gain sympathy and in turn, views. Victim blaming, blatant fat shaming and just general unkindness is all very common. Can we not just leave playground dramas behind us? We’re all educated folk who love the same entity – blogging. We should be a united front rather than squabbling between ourselves.

Have you made any observations about the blogosphere?

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13 responses to “Blogosphere Observations | Behind The Scenes Of Blogging”

  1. lifeofangela says:

    Our blogging birthdays fall quite close to each other, my 9 month blogiversary is coming up too 😀
    I can relate to bloggerbrain more and more. I’m definitely putting more effort into the things I photograph. Anything I make or buy, I can’t touch until I’ve taken lots of photos at every single angle! I’ve also met so many amazing fellow bloggers online it’s so cool! 😀

  2. You are so right about all of this! It is amazing how much blogging can teach you in such a short time. You are doing an amazing job with your site, love! xoxo

  3. Amazing post and i totally agree with all of the points you made. Also, some of my “friends” are so indifferent towards my blog, which sucks! And some bloggers are just too mean 😛

    • bellainizio says:

      I know what you mean lovely, really does surprise you sometimes whether or not ‘friends’ will support you! Thanks for reading pickle xx

  4. Emklh says:

    These are so accurate! What an entertaining read I loved it! 😂

  5. adele miner says:

    Ahh yes I can so relate to these. I see things in a completely different way too, like when I am on the bus anywhere and spot a cute building or quiet lane I think ‘that would be a perfect loacation for an outfit picture’ haha. Your blog is gorgeous too, I randomly stumbled across it and I am so glad I did! x

    • bellainizio says:

      Haha amen to that lovely, there’s never a wrong time for a cheeky snap! Awh thank you so much, so kind of you to say – I’ll definitely be checking yours out! xx

  6. Cherylene says:

    Good read and very accurate. Thanks for sharing.

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