3 Instagram Boss Ladies You Need To Be Following

8th April 2018

Happy Sunday my queens. Insta has got us all down as per, however I’ve stopped caring about the quantity of my followers and more about the quality. And the same applies to the accounts I personally follow.

I like to take away inspiration from Instagram, and feel motivated when I finally click off of the app. Rather then feeling deflated and envious, which has been the norm for me in the past few months.

So let’s get into the boss ladies you need to be following on IG.

Tabby – @takeheartuk

Tabby has fast become one of my absolute favourite bloggers and personalities on IG. I adore how honest she is, how genuine she seems and I always feel uplifted after watching her stories or from her latest uploads. You can see the amount of hard work and creativity that goes into everything she uploads. And in all honesty, I wouldn’t be mad if she wanted to be my bffl.

Imogen Rose – @imogenroseig

Ain’t she just the cutest lil thang? Imogen was one of the first accounts I remember following and everything she produces makes me so happy. She’s a spoonie blogger (a blogger discussing chronic illness, I actually had to ask her what it meant), which is so brave. To talk about such a personal matter to simply raise awareness and to engage others suffering is the definition of ‘community’. What a babe. And if that’s not reason enough, she’s only going and moving to bloody Bali. Going to be living vicariously through Imogen as I weep from my desk.

Rebecca Butcher – @beccabutcherx

Becca’s content is one of those that I always look forward to her next upload. She’s a little ball of positivity and creativity. She’s so open when it comes to the other side of earning from IG and so on, and it’s bloomin’ refreshing. Her photos are always immaculate, beautifully edited and I would v much enjoy it if she was to teach me her ways.

Who are your fave boss ladies on IG at the moment?

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3 responses to “3 Instagram Boss Ladies You Need To Be Following”

  1. Ohhh! That’s a really good list, mine would be Kemariah from Kunyit 7 Lodge and Nazy from KAVA in Brunei

  2. Imogen says:

    This is so lovely! Thank you so much for the mention that means a lot! You’ve made my day 😍 lots of love sweet xxx Imogen

  3. Siyana says:

    I have so many favourite instagrammers at the moment, everyone is really good at their game!

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