Botanics Skincare | What’s Worth Your Skin’s Time?

19th January 2018

One of the biggest highs in my blogging journey so far is the fact that I’m a brand ambassador for Botanics skincare. When you say ‘brand ambassador’ it usually comes with an expectation. Like I’m meant to ram the brand down my followers throats, regardless of how I actually feel.

In all honesty, what happens is in exchange for samples every month amongst some other lovely perks, I post a set amount of photos of the products on my IG and have their handle and hashtag in my bio.

I don’t have a gun to my head and someone screaming ‘LOVE THE PRODUCTS AND MAKE OTHERS LOVE THEM’. Nah. It’s at my discretion. And as I happen to have tried a couple of the products during the course of the campaign, I thought I’d share what’s actually worth your skin’s time. FYI: my skin type is oily, blemish and spot prone.

The brand’s background

The ingredients in all the products are natural and organic, there’s nothing harsh, there’s no chemicals, just plant power. The price for most of the items is between £5-£10, which isn’t soul destroying considering what you get. And the best part? As they’re sold exclusively in Boots, there is often a cheeky 2-4-1 sale. Praise the lord.

Probably not worth it

botanics skincare

Organic Hydrating Super Balm

This is a multipurpose balm, it is meant to soothe and heal whatever skin it comes into contact with. There are other ambassadors who adore this stuff, however for me I never reached for it. It felt quite greasy on the skin, leaving a residue which is a big no no on my already oily skin. It could be a nice lip-balm, however it’s not up my street.

Organic Hydrating Day Cream

This moisteriser smells bloody divine, but my skin hisses at it. It’s again quite heavy duty, yet it does absorb beautifully into the skin and I tried to love it. I used it everyday for 4 weeks, and everyday I would have a new lil spot companion. I then cut it down to every other day, and I would get a new mate every other day. It just doesn’t agree with me. However, I did give it to my sister to trial run as she has skin drier than Gandhi’s flipflop, and she loved it. So if you have oily skin, I’d avoid the day cream. If you have dry skin, give it a whirl.

Organic Refreshing Toning Spritz

I like this stuff, however if I had to pay for it with my own money it’s a no from me. This spritz is meant to prepare your skin for your moisteriser, making it absorb easier and keep the moister locked in. And yet, I could never tell if this was actually accomplished. As the name suggests, it was bloomin’ refreshing and smelt glorious but a bit of an unnecessary step.

Give ‘em a go

botanics skincare

All Bright Purifying Face Scrub

I’m a big fan of this face scrub, it’s gentle enough to use everyday and does a fabulous job of getting those dead skin cells out of your pores. As it is quite gentle you’ll probably need something a little more abrasive every now and then, but as a second step after taking your makeup off it’s wonderful. I’ve used the entire bottle, which is incredibly rare for me as I get soooo bored soooo quick with skincare products.

All Bright Cleansing Toner

Plain and simply this is the perfect step after you’ve used the face scrub. It evens out my skin’s texture, as well as closing up my crater pores. Slap on a bit of night cream after and you have yourself a skincare routine.

All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll On

This little guy is a lifesaver in the mornings. No matter what I do, if I don’t get my 8 hours, my eyes tell everyone my secret. They are so red and puffy, it’s like the first time I watched Marley & Me all over again. The roll on acts as a soother to the puffiness and the gel inside reduces the redness and keeps the puffiness at bay. A handbag must have.

Go and spend your money right now

botanics skincare

Radiant Youth Refining Microdermabrasion Polish

Oh my lordy lord. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. This baby has already featured in my monthly favourites and is essentially like a face scrub on ‘roids. The beads are so fine that they buff anyway literally everything that shouldn’t be on your skin. It always leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth, super glowy and gives you that fresh faced look. It’s pretty hardcore so limit it to once a week, but you and your skin will never look back.

Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream

I’ve been patting this baby under my eyes for the past few weeks, and the difference is unreal. The dark circles I suffer with are becoming increasingly less aggressive looking, the purple tones are fading and, wait for it, so are my fine lines. I know I’m only 24, but with a lifetime of squinting as my eyes don’t fancy functioning as eyes, it’s already taken a toll. I cannot be without this magic potion, my youth now depends on it.

Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser

For all my babes with super sensitive skin, this one is for you. It is a gel to milk formula, making it almost velvety when it’s lathered into the skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feel striped or tight, perfect for this time of year especially. And once I’ve used this cleanser it seems that my skin holds onto what moister it already has in its reserves. Ideal for those with dehydrated skin.

What are you top picks from Botanics?

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4 responses to “Botanics Skincare | What’s Worth Your Skin’s Time?”

  1. Love it! So sad that I can’t get any of the products here in Belgium haha! You made me want to try this brand soooo bad!

    -Jennifer x

  2. sprallice says:

    Wow some of these products just call my name, loved the post x

  3. I need to try this eye cream, I suffer with such dark under eyes which is such a pain X

  4. I’ve actually searched for this post again since my stepfather is going to London this week! Guess who will be trying out the Radiant Youth Polish you suggested? 😀

    -Jennifer x

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