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Dear Diary

Colourful Sephora Haul

24th June 2017

Aloha my lovelies. A few weeks ago I received an exciting phone call from my sister. She was in a Sephora (that are near impossible to find in the UK) and did I want anything. Is the Pope Catholic, of course I do. As I didn’t want her to trudge around the aisles on the phone to me, I set her a mission. I wanted…

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Flawless 3 Resurrection & Girl Panic Review/ Swatches

17th June 2017

Mornin' sweetnesses! I have a problem. I'm obsessed with Makeup Revolution at the moment, is anyone else? They've literally come out of nowhere and become one of my favourite brands! They're so cheap and accessible, and the quality you get for the price tag. You just can't not love them. And in true fan style, I follow their Instagram account. Where the Flawless 3 Resurrection…

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Collection Colour Correcting Concealer Review

14th June 2017

Aloha my queens. I’ve always known about colour correcting. However, of late it really seems to have taken off with nearly every makeup brand out there jumping on the colour correction band wagon. I knew it was here to stay when I saw that my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer had launched their versions, and in the spirit of a true fan … I picked…

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Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters Review

10th June 2017

Hola angels! Is it just me or has the brand Makeup Revolution just all of a sudden upped their game? I knew that they always had quite nice eyeshadows but didn’t give it too much thought. Then all of a sudden, all of these rose gold beauties appeared on the selves. I think I was blinded by the light of the packaging and the actual…

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Going ‘Self-Hosted’ Experience

9th June 2017

Ciao my beauties, As you may or may not have noticed, a little while ago I made the leap from my hosted site to the big scary world of self-hosted. It has been an absolute rollercoaster, and I’m genuinely not saying that for effect … I haven’t been so stressed in a long time. However, as I know many of you (like I…

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