Collection Colour Correcting Concealer Review

14th June 2017

Aloha my queens. I’ve always known about colour correcting. However, of late it really seems to have taken off with nearly every makeup brand out there jumping on the colour correction band wagon. I knew it was here to stay when I saw that my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer had launched their versions, and in the spirit of a true fan … I picked 2 of them up. So it’s Collection Colour Correcting concealer review time!

Initial thoughts

Collection offers 3 colour correcting shades; 1. Lemon, 2. Green and 3. Lilac. The lemon colour is to neutralise purple tones, so perfect for those dark circles. And the green neutralises red tones, so any imperfections or redder patches of skin in need to hiding. However, the lilac shade is to balance out yellow tones … which I personally do not suffer from. So the lilac was a miss from me. I was excited to try the yellow and green as I’m such a lover of the Lasting Perfection Concealer and have been for so long! That being said, I have never used colour correctors before so this was going to be complete learning curve.

Coverage and Formula

I swatched the 2 shades on the back of my hand before using them, and the coverage is incredibly high even after it is blended. And the formulation is the same as the original Lasting Perfection Concealer, a very rich and creamy consistency that doesn’t clinge to any texture and isn’t drying. Which I personally find is perfect, especially for under the eyes as this for me creases so quickly throughout the day.

Application and Results

Once I had applied them where I wanted I blended them out with my ring finger to make sure their was minimal product wastage. And to be honest I didn’t notice too much of a change initially, however I let the products dry thoroughly and then applied my foundation as normal and did notice that my blemishes didn’t shine through as brightly. And my under eye circles weren’t as aggressive as they usually are. For maximum effect I still used my regular concealer routine and couldn’t believe the difference. My skin looked flawless and it looked as though I’d never had a late night in my life. As the day went on this really didn’t fade too much as the colour correctors are at the very base. Keeping it all nicely hidden.

I’m very impressed. I will definitely be using this on days when I want to look perfect all day. However, it is an extra bit of faff so I won’t be doing it on a day to day basis. Well done Collection, I never doubted you!

If you would be interested in checking these products out, just following the link HERE – be sure to let me know if you’re thinking of trying these out/ how you’ve been getting on! As always pickles, thank you so much for reading! Make sure you follow me for future blogs and check out my Instagram for daily nonsense! Until next time xx


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