My Pre-Travel Pamper Routine

11th September 2018

Being that token slob on a flight, with my trackies on, bun as high on my head as it’ll go and face as baron as my bank account is what I live for. What I do not live for however, is rocking up around the pool and feeling unprepared and ‘unkept’ if you will.

As we all know from how much I’ve harped on about it on Insta, my papa bear lives out in Portugal. Meaning that since he’s been out there, the amount of holidays and weekends abroad I’ve experienced have risen dramatically. And as papa knows your girl lives for catching a few rays, it is a large part of my holiday experience.

So as a result, I’ve fine tuned my pre-travel pamper routine. To make me feel as fresh and well groomed as humanly possible (by my standards). And give me the best chance of catching a mammoth tan.

‘Proper’ cleanse & hydration

There is no greater feeling than using a cleanser that makes you feel like the dirt in your skin from when you were 11 has been dragged out. I’ve recently been using the REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel as my cleanser of choice when my skin is starting to misbehave. It’s gentle enough to not dry out my skin and leave it feeling tight and irritated, but it’s strong enough to leave my skin feeling smooth, clear and supple.

And before I travel I like to make sure my skin is super hydrated. Although I have disgracefully oily skin, to the point I’m pretty sure I could help slick up the left phalanges of the plane. There’s something about the delicious recycled air of the plane’s cabin that makes my skin shrivel up like a raisin. However, as I have acne prone skin I’m always a little dubious when it comes to putting too much hydration into my skin. Unless y’know, I’m in the mood to have a little cluster of spot mountains across every corner of my face. But my prayers have been answered with the REN Overnight Recovery Balm for sensitive skin. You simply take a pea sized amount, warm between your fingers and then apply to cleansed skin and work into skin until it’s completely absorbed before bedtime. And that’s it. Go to sleep and wake up with super hydrated skin, with no mess, no fuss and no spot-uvuis.

pre-travel pamper


‘Proper’ scrub & shave

We all know to get the best chance of catching a tan and actually taking it home with you is to use a body scrub before you go. My ride or die, my go-to, my number one BAE is the Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life. I’ve loved this scrub since I was a teenager. It smells great, the bits in the scrub aren’t so small they you feel like nothing’s happened, but not so big that you think they may actually be shards of glass. And it actually manages to scrub away those weird bump things on the back of your arms. SORCERY.

And then the dreaded ‘big’ shave. The pits, legs and bikini line all in one monstrous go. And I don’t know about anyone else, but shaving my legs more than once a week is like playing with fire. The backs of my legs get so itchy and irritated if I don’t use the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter 3-in-1 Ultra Rich & Creamy Body Wash. It’s body butter but for the bath. The stuff of shaving dreams. I always find that my hair doesn’t seem to grow back as quickly if I use this stuff, plus it smells and feels great so winner winner chicken dinner.

*some of these products were gifted to me, however all thoughts, opinions and imagery are my own*


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  1. I love the Soap and Glory scrub of your life, it’s my ultimate fave also Xx

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