Makeup Revolution – Flawless 3 Resurrection & Girl Panic Review/ Swatches

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I have a problem. I’m literally obsessed with Makeup Revolution at the moment, is anyone else? They’ve literally come out if nowhere and become one of my favourite brands! They’re so cheap and accessible, and the quality you get for the price tag … you just can’t not love them. And in true fan style, I follow their Instagram account. Where the Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette first caught my eye. And of course this was around payday, so it would have been a sin to ignore the call!

Shades and pigmentation

The palette consists of 7 shimmer shade and 25 matte, so a whopping total of 32 shades! All ranging from warm to neutral colours, that can be put together to make almost every look you could ever want! I have to say, the pigmentation as a general rule is absolutely fabulous and I am so excited to create some summery looks with this palette. My only gripe is that the colour pay off on the white and nude shades wasn’t up to the standard of the rest. I had to work really hard on the product to get a swatch, and even then it was very faint. However, I reckon if that was to be used in the brow bone or to slightly cover any veins etc on the eyelids it would be fairly decent.



When I went into Superdrug to purchase my new baby, I was presented with the offer of spending £12 and receiving a free eyeshadow palette. You don’t have to tell me twice. £12 was spent in a matter of seconds and I became the proud owner of the Girl Panic Palette and oh my goodness, I’m obsessed!

Shades and pigmentation

This is a much more compact palette, with it having 18 shades in total, 6 of which are matte and the other 12 are STUNNING shimmer shades. It’s the girliest palette ever, with it being packed with pinks, rose golds and neutrals. All of which are insanely pigmented, to go along side the shimmers there are the warm, neutrals which will provide the perfect base and transition colours to create just about any dramatic look. The shades are so pigmented I’m half tempted to use them as contour and highlight as well. Think who coordinated you’d be!


My suggestion is to head on over to your local Superdrug and check out all the goodies that Makeup Revolution have at the moment. I can feel a haul coming on next payday, and there won’t be any regrets. Let me know if you’ve tried any of their products and things that you love! Be sure to follow me for future posts and head over to my Instagram for daily updates! As always thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time! xx

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