How To Achieve Effortlessly Beachy Waves Without Heat

18th February 2018

Is there genuinely anything worse than after the trauma of washing your hair, actually having the deal with wet hair?

I didn’t think so either.

My hair dries naturally with a slight kink to it. One of those where it’s magical on holiday, but as soon as the British air/water hits it becomes simultaneously frizzy and slicked to my scalp.

Also naturally I have quite a round face. A combination of genetics and a disgraceful love for anything with cheese on it. And because of these factors, straight hair is a no no.

So curls/waves it is.

Which is fabulous, but it has the potential to completely butcher your hair. And so, heatless beachy waves is my go-to for almost every wash. And in true Jade form. It’s lazy girl approved.

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair with whatever products you’re loving. I’ve personally been obsessing over the Phil Smith ‘Big It Up’ range, as my hair is constantly crying out for some volume. It smells delish and is so affordable it’s almost a crime.

Step 2

Towel dry your mane, brush out any knots and let it air dry until it’s about 80% dry. (if you can’t be bothered and don’t care about the heatless side of it, use your hair drier to the same point).

Step 3

Pull your hair into a ponytail, but rather than tying it up twist the hair to the ends and then wrap back on itself. So it looks like you’ve made a twisted bun. Using an invisibobble or scrunchie (anything that isn’t too tight) secure your bun in place.

Step 4

Go about your day/jump into bed until you’re hair has completely dry. Remove the hair band and ta-da. Heatless beachy waves, with zero effort.

Let me know if you decide to give this lil trick a go.

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How To Achieve Effortlessly Beachy Waves Without Heat


4 responses to “How To Achieve Effortlessly Beachy Waves Without Heat”

  1. I sleep with my hair clipped up after using WEN. In the morning, I have flawless beachy waves. It’s so easy.

  2. justsomaggie says:

    If you have naturally curly hair, putting your hair up as a loose bun and with a scrunchy helps with second day curls! I also love doing the twist to make it more wavy than curly (:

  3. Ella May Garrett says:

    Definitely going to give this a go, your hair is gorgeous! xx

  4. bookishbrunette says:

    Omg your hair is so gorgeous! Def gunna give this a try! xx

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