Blogging Podcasts I’m Loving And You Should Too

3rd October 2018

I love being tanned. There is nothing I feel makes me look my best than having tanned skin. It makes your eyes brighter, teeth whiter, smooths about any lumps and bumps and makes you look x 7,292 healthier than you actually are.

Whilst I love being tanned, the process of becoming tanned gets a bit bloody tedious. There’s only ever so many songs you can add to a playlist that you don’t want to immediately skip through. Only so many ways you can try and watch Netflix without the screen overheating. Only so many sweaty naps you can try and have. And only so many people you can observe before it becomes a lil bit obvious. The solution?


Sweet Christ they have become my new obsession. I’ve heard everyone harp on about them for what feels like the past decade, not really giving it a second thought. Well, long story short, I was wrong. I feel like I’m eavesdropping on someone’s conversation and I am living for it. Listening to these 2 podcasts was all I did on both of my summer holidays, and it really did speed up my tanning time.

Keeping It Candid

Well, don’t Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner make a cracking podcast? They have a weekly ‘pop-culture’ podcast, which goes into the hot topics of the weeks, as well as they’re experiences on certain topics as well as some serious insight into the blogging world from an established point of view. I listened to 27 of the 35 episodes whilst tanning in Cape Verde and I was hooked

My personal favourite episodes to date are;

  1. Abortion. Where the girls discuss their experience with abortion in the wake of the legalisation of abortions in Ireland. It gives such a raw and honest view of how their individual experiences were and the bullshit was completely cut. There was no sugar coating the processes, and it puts how important this change in legislation in Ireland really is.
  2. Guest Chloe Plumstead(a.k.a. Lifestyle blogging royalty) where they all discuss how much they charge for their work as freelance creators. It’s so open and refreshing to actually hear what the going rate is, as charging for content creation is still a very taboo subject.
  3. Guest Callie Thorpe. Hearing this episode was my first introduction to Callie, who is a plus sized blogger and body positivity activist. Callie goes into the roots of her platform, the unwarranted abuse she suffers for being plus-sized, her appearance as the first plus-sizedwoman to be featured in Vogue online.

At Home With …

Blogging OG’s Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardener go to different people’s homes, have a chat with them about their platforms, what they have coming up and the best bit? INTERIORS CHATS. As well as snapshots into everyone’s homes. The perfect podcast if you’ve ever wanted to know what your fave internet people’s homes look like.

  1. Guests Caroline Hirons & Ruth Crilly. What a double act. The episode delves into running their blogging empires, navigating how to juggle motherhood and their work and of course, INTERIORS *swoon*. I’ve heard of both of the ladies through their amazing collaborations with top brands. And after belly laughing through the whole episode Caroline has now become my beauty guru, if you need to know anything skincare related especially, she’s your woman.
  2. Guest Callie Thorpe. Can you tell there’s a bit of love for Callie? Ever since hearing her interview I haven’t been able to not obsess over her. She’s so incredibly funny, such an advocate for body positivity and just seems like one of those people you’d want to be friends with so desperately you make yourself seem like a complete melt. Much like her interview on Keeping It Candid, Callie goes into her journey to where she is in terms of her career, the challenges she has faced with fat shaming in the industry and the abuse she suffered for being featured on Vogue online.
  3. Guest Clemmie Hooper. The ‘mother of daughters’ star is another one of my favourite discoveries. She is the mother to 4 gorgeous girls, she is a midwife, author and blogger. Listening to her stories of working as a midwife and how she rose to fame alongside her husband (father of daughters) is truly inspiring. I spent a good hour and a half after listening to Clemmie’s interview going through hers and her husband’s Instagram accounts and laughing and loving their family content. (I suggest watching the videos especially.)

What are your go-to podcasts?


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  1. gillianfinn says:

    At Home With is a personal favourite too! I’ll have to check out Keeping It Candid, thanks for the rec 🙂 xxx

  2. Thanks for the recommendations have you tried Fearne Cottons Happy xx

  3. Jenna says:

    Great post – I have been meaning to get into podcasts, so I will definitely start out by listening to these 🙂 They sound like they cover some great topics! Thanks for sharing – your blog is super cute!
    -Jenna <3
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