9 Cutsie Christmas Jumpers I’m Lusting After

7th December 2017

A couple of years ago, Christmas jumpers were seen as a bit of a novel. Your mum would miraculously find these God awful matching jumpers that bellowed the phrase, ‘if you’re spending Christmas in my house, you have to wear a jumper’. And you would humour her as the smell of those pigs in blankets is enough to make you do just about anything. And at the end of the day they would be washed and put back into whatever hole they came from, ready for next year.

Whereas now, they’re a fashion statement. You can’t walk down the high street, or browse the web without being bombarded with choices. And I’m a changed woman, if I had the funds and the wardrobe space to sport a different jumper for everyday, I would totally be up for that. However, this is sadly not supported by the fact half my wardrobe is occupied by the boiler. None the less, I’ve narrowed it down to this handful of Christmas jumper joy – and it will hopefully inspire you too!

Cutsie Christmas Jumpers

christmas jumpers

1. Santa, Define Good Jumper – Next, £24.00

2. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper – Boohoo via Next, £15.00

3. Pugs In Blankets Jumper – Asda, £16.00

4. Naughty or Nice Jumper – Miss Selfridge, £25.00

5. Slay Bells Jumper – Boohoo, £15.00

6. Rollin’ With Ma Snowmies Jumper – Pretty Little Thing, £15.00

7. Bambi Jumper – Missy Empire, £20.00

8. Dachshund Through The Snow Jumper – Tesco, £16.00

9. Take It Slow In The Snow Sloth Jumper – New Look, £15.99

What Christmas jumpers are on your lust list?

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3 responses to “9 Cutsie Christmas Jumpers I’m Lusting After”

  1. lifeofangela says:

    I’ve been loving looking through all the Christmas jumpers on Asos! There’s so many cute ones! 😀

  2. So many cute Christmas Jumpers, my favourite has to be the 1st one. X

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